Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September month in numbers...

If you are regular reader of my blog then you will be familiar with my monthly numerical blog posts if not you should pop over to Julie's blog; the originator of the 'Month in numbers' meme to discover what it's all about.

September is a month I both love and loath; it symbolises the start of a new [school] year and brings with it the joy of new pencil cases and stationary and also the change of the seasons with crisp mornings and [some] bright sunshine. Its also brings with it the pressure of planning lessons, making packed lunches and this year moving into a new building.

So here we go with the numerical stats tied to September 2014:

0: The amount of brain space I have left. There has been so much going on this month that I can't fit anything else into my brain and I am extremely pleased that I have actually managed to keep up with [and schedule early] my MinN post!

20.41 secs: My fastest time to complete my new favourite puzzle. It's just like the plastic slot puzzles you used to be able to buy with your pocket money but much better as the pieces don't jam! Even better it was free from the app store.

6: The number of lovely new bright pink files I have bought to go back to school. I also spent too many hours to count making new labels for them all. [Rekindling my love of digi scrapping I might add]. I also purchased a new pink desk set [with a very disappointing hole punch], some highlighters, a year planner, some coloured stickers and some marvellous 'don't forget' post it notes. I really do love new stationary.

30: The number of Poirot books I have now read in the correct order. I also made another Agatha related purchase this month for £5. A 'who's who' of Agatha Christie characters. Apparently she included over 7000 characters in her stories but the book I bought only included 2000 them. Skimming through the first few pages I am slightly concerned by the number that I remember. I may apply for Mastermind with Agatha Christie as my specialist subject!

35: The number of the table that Dad and I sat at for our fish and chips at Hadleys in Whitby. I crave fish and chips when I'm away from home as they just don't taste right in the north west and on a recent flying 2 night visit home Dad and I had a day trip to Whitby. They tasted like heaven as it's been about 5 months since I had last had any.

2: The number of digi layouts I completed this month. After a crafting drought caused by the new term I managed to sit down with my laptop and my £5 folding table and do some digi scrapping of the above mentioned day trip.

£79.20: The amount I had to pay as a deposit for my new kitchen floor. It's coming! Soon! I'm excited! Can you tell?! Hopefully by the end of October the new kitchen will be finished. Apart from the handles on the cupboard doors as they are out of production until November. I need to start saving for a new bathroom next. Is it a bad sign when your bath actually goes rusty?

So that's the stats for September, hope you enjoyed a peek into my life this month and if you would like to see what all the other MinNers have been up to then pop over to Julie's dedicated board on Pinterest where you can find a record of everyone who has taken part.

Until next month.

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