Monday, September 1, 2014

August month in numbers...

Hello, hello. Another month has gone by and its time for another statistical round up. 
This month should be full of days out and ice creams eaten but as I look back over the month it seems to be a lot more 'job' related in one way or another.

10 = The number of days of August that Mum & Dad the 'wonder kitchen fitters' were still here working on my kitchen. That made a grand total of 13 days of kitchen chaos. During that time we had 3 different types of takeaway and I went to Aldi at least once a day!

£125 = The amount I had to pay the tiler for a job I wasn't happy with plus the cost of the tiles and the trim. The total is a number I'd rather forget. Lets just say the tiles lasted less than 24 hours before I ripped them off again. 

5 containing 25 = The number of boxes of tiles that I ripped off and put in the bin.

2 = The number of other tilers I've had round. The number I want to tile my kitchen? 0.

5 = The number of times I've ordered the cabinet door handles. Also the number of times each company has cancelled my order as they were out of stock. I've finally found them on ebay, paid again but I'm still awaiting delivery. *eeek*

7 [plus 1 extra] = The number of days that I have been back at work. Not eight in a row, eight over the past weeks. If anyone says to me that teachers are so lucky because they get so many holidays I might just punch them in the face. Yes I haven't worked 5 days a week for the whole of August but even going a day or two really breaks your week up and stops the holiday groove. Hurrah for the world of FE. But yes I am lucky just because I love my job.

Speaking of which;

2 = The number of days left until we get access to the new campus. I'm so excited. It looks lovely from the outside.

2 = Also the number of days until the students come back to enrol, luckily they are only in for a hour to complete the paperwork then I can get back to unpacking before new term officially starts on the 8th.

27 million = What feels like the number of samples I need to make for display in the new textile room.

5 =  The number of us that went for afternoon tea to celebrate a friends birthday.

3 = The number of crafty projects completed this month. 1 dress, 1 bag & 1 mini album. Not bad going really.


So that's my numerical round up for this month. A random selection to say the least. If you would like to join  in with MinN then pop over to Julie's blog to find out more details or view them all on her dedicated Pinterest board.
Until next month happy number hunting.

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Julie Kirk said...

I guess by now you'll have been in the new building - I hope it's gone better than the tiling!

I'm glad James did ours himself now [with help from his apprentice - me - of course]. It's hard finding people who care about working on your house as much as you do. [Our shower's been breaking down since January + the person J knows who keeps saying he'll fix it ... still hasn't!]

Still - good on you for having the energy and inspiration left tot make a dress! I hope you've had chance to swish about in it somewhere nice!

Your August is pinned to the Month in Numbers board with those from all the other documenters-of-digits here:

Here's to a happy-September ahead + I'll see you next month!

Julie :-)