Friday, August 1, 2014

July month in numbers...

Well better late than never. 7 days late to be precise even if I did try and alter the publishing date for the sake of continuity!
July has been a somewhat hectic month mostly overtaken by holiday type activities [i.e. not doing very much at all] and installing [or trying to] a new kitchen.
As I sit and type this post with my laptop balanced precariously on a dinner tray on my knee whilst perched on a small stool in the lounge, my parents have now been here for 9 days trying to fit my new kitchen whilst sleeping on a sofa bed and eating potatoes out of a box. More of that in detail in Augusts MinN no doubt!

There seems to have been a recurrence of the same number throughout this month so in the style of Sesame Street "this months post is brought to you by the number 2..."

2 = The number of furniture items that I have renovated this month. Both pieces have included the use of patterned paper. *surprise surprise*. One was a set of plan chest drawers which were destined for the skip and now are being used as a TV stand after briefly moonlighting as a coffee table. The second is an old kitchen cabinet which I have had since I moved in 3 1/2 years ago but it has been living in the shed. This cabinet was meant to be for the lounge but I tried it in place and it didn't look right so it's now living in my craft room. I really need a house with elastic sides!

2 = The number of ice cream sundaes I have consumed this month. After we have recently had a bout of what is apparently known as 'summer' I have had an ice cream craving and so made a trip to a new ice cream parlour in town for this chocolate, nutty delight. It has Dime bars and peanut brittle in!! Amazing. The second sundae was consumed in the pub near work. After a particularly long day a friend and I decided that a visit to the pub was needed... not for wine for sundaes!

2 = The number of frogs that I have seen in my garden this month and I was quick enough to take a photo of one but added the helpful arrow just to make sure he could be spotted!

Unfortunately Arty caught one of the larger frogs later in the week which I was most unimpressed with. So a very limited amount of numbers this month and later than I had planned but I've made it to 6 months which is something I haven't managed to do on my last two attempts in MinN.

Thanks for reading me and if you want to know more about the Month in Numbers concept then head over to the originator of the series' blog Julie Kirk and read all about it. As well as lots of other *stuff* too.

Until next month. [ Or 24 days]

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Julie Kirk said...

I've been hearing about the not-so-straightforward kitchen renovations - I hope it gets sorted soon. I know what it's like to live in chaos in a small house where you have to move everything around constantly to create a bit of space to sit/sleep/breathe!

I think I've only had one ice-cream this summer ... so probably should rectify that soon.

Your July is pinned to the Month in Numbers board with those from all the other numerical list-makers now:

Here's to a happy-kitchen-ful-August!

Julie x