Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June month in numbers...

Summer is here and I have spent quite a few days in the garden both enjoying the sun and digging out the weeds. The borders are looking lovely and the 5 tomato plants I put in last month are growing at a rate of knots.

With another month crossed off the calender it's time for a numerical round up courtesy of Julie's Month in Numbers meme so here we go.

2 = The number of 'chuff chuffs' [also known as Hedgehogs!] That I have seen this month whilst out late at night trying to get Arty to come home.

2 = The number of crafty treats I've had this month. One involve about 3 hours in a fabric shop in Preston and the other was about 4 hours at Woolfest. I'd rather not declare the amount of pennies spent between the two day trips!

1 = The number of dresses I have made this month with the help of one not very useful cat!

2 = The number of my students who won awards at the college end of year celebration event. It was a great night with some fab food and great company. I was so proud to see them up on stage collecting their awards.

1 = The number of birthday lunches I had this month for my 33rd birthday. A lovely day mooching in town and a nice lunch to break up the day before meeting friends for drinks in the evening.

1 = The number of bunches of flowers I received which lasted about 20 days! I love getting flowers and these really cheered up the kitchen windowsill.

That's it for this month - a bit short on the number front but I promise to try harder next time!
Until next month.


Julie Kirk said...

Those flowers look lovely - like indoor sunshine. I was holding on to your present until the cottage [Janet thought that was a bit long to wait until October - and that it wasn't the same as you keeping mine 2 months until you see me at the March cottage!]. So if you ever fancy a random gift through the post send me your address [I can't find it!] and I'll parcel it up!

He may not be much of an apprentice but Arty certainly looks like he would *like* to help out!

Your June is pinned to the Month in Numbers board with the other counter-uppers now: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Here's to a happy sunny July!

Julie x

Deborah Weber said...

What a fun peek into your birthday month. I would squeal with delight to see a hedgehog. There are times when having a furry paperweight can be a good thing, but I can see that while sewing may not be one of them. It probably saves time though to get the fabric pre-furred. :-) Love your flowers and wish you a wonderful July.

Hazel A.. said...

I love getting flowers too and yours are absolutely gorgeous! Happy birthday belated! My cat is quite the sewing helper too; love that you captured this photo of your cat! Happy July to you and yours!