Sunday, June 1, 2014

May month in numbers...

We should be heading into Spring now according to the months that are whizzing by but as of yet we've had a limited number of sunny days.

There have been a few other numbers of note this month though to here we go...

1: The number of serious thunderstorms. The skies turned black one tea time and the rain came down followed by some serious thunder and lightening.

2: The number of Bank Holidays this month. Good for those who normally work Mondays. Not so good for those who don't and therefore don't get the benefit. Like me!

4: The number of puddings I tasted at a friends 'Pudding Party'. There were 7 puddings in total but I left early because of a headache. Maybe it was sugar induced?

1: The number of appointments I had with the nurse this month. Nothing startling in that I hear you cry. But it was number related - a blood pressure check and the numbers were normal. However the length of time it took me to get there was not. Normally it takes about 7 minutes to get to my doctors as it's very close however they have moved premises. I checked the map and thought I knew where I was going. Turned out I didn't and what should have been a 10 minute journey took me 25. I found it in the end and had set off earlier enough that I was only 5 minutes late and luckily the nurse was running late too. How my blood pressure was at a normal level after that I have no idea. I hate getting lost and being late.

£27.50:  The price paid for a *much needed* haircut.

2: The number of nights the parentals came to stay. It was a bit of a flying visit and we fitted in more kitchen browsing, a visit to a plant nursery and a secondhand furniture store. 2 was also the number of meals we sent back on the first night that we went out for tea. Yucky horrible steaks. Safe to say we won't be going back there again!

3: The number of pieces of furniture bought from the secondhand furniture store for the grand total of £30! Super bargain; including this fabby drop leaf table which matches my new kitchen wallpaper. It needs a bit of TLC but I love the colour of the Formica top.

£60: The amount spent on plants from the nursery to help fill out the borders in my garden including 6 tomato plants but there are only 5 left! Something has had a super munch on one of the varieties and left me with nothing more than a stump!

3: The number of days in March that I have suffered with my 1st cold of the year. Hopefully it's not going to continue for too many days into June!

And finally the best number of the month... Grade 1: The number I received after an external mock Ofsted inspection at work. I nearly cried when I got my feedback; it was so nice to have the work I do recognised and affirmed as being right. Maybe I'll stop doubting myself so much now. Maybe. Not likely.

If you would like to join in with the MinN meme then pop over to Julie's blog to see what it's all about from the original MinN girl herself. Or if you would just like a numerical summary of the lives of other followers then you can find a collection of the participant on Pinterest.

Until next month.


Sid said...

Quite an eventful numerical Month Hannah, garden looks lovely and that table is great !

Julie Kirk said...

Congratulations on the inspection, I can just imagine how you felt, good for you!! xxx

I hope you're feeling brighter now - it never seems fair getting a cold when it's sunny outside!

Love the table! and the wallpaper. It's going to look great all together.

Your month is safely pinned to the Month in Numbers board with the other number crunchers now:

Here's to a bright and happy June for you.

Julie xx