Saturday, March 1, 2014

February month in numbers...

Despite being the shortest month of the year February seems to have dragged on forever yet here I am at the last minute summing up my month in numbers...

2: The number of quotes for a new kitchen I have had this month. Both in the region of £3000. I only need 6 cupboards. My kitchen is tiny! I also spent £6 on some new kitchen utensils from the M&S outlet that are the same colour as I want to paint the walls.

£12: The price of a new pair of pink suede shoes from the Clarks outlet - I haven't had time to take a picture yet but no doubt they will appear on the blog at some point.

4: The number of meals out this month including breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Not all on the same day though!

6: The number of new products bought in the annual Sizzix mega sale. All the items below for less than £20.

7: Real numbers collected. After coming across Helena's blog in Julie's January round up of fellow Month in Numbers participants I loved the idea of collecting 'real' numbers that I saw in everyday life. I was going to try and be methodical in my approach to collecting them starting with 1-10 this month. Unfortunately you can't programme your eyes to only see specific ones so it's ended up being a bit more sporadic than intended with some duplicates for the eagle eyed amongst you!

3: of 43: The number of Poirot books read this month. After a recent post on Facebook by the Agatha Christie society detailing all of the Poirot stories and a suggested reading order I decided to raid my collection once more and re-read them in the right order. Needless to say it was rather stressful when I thought I had one missing but never fear it was hidden in a collection of short stories.

If you would like to join in the Month in Numbers community then pop over to Julie's blog to read more about the meme. You can also find past collections of all the MiN on Pinterest.

Until next month [when I will have some numbers from foreign shores!]


Tinkertaylor said...

I agree kitchens are so overpriced! Like the look of your meals out especially the cakes.

Julie Kirk said...

I know exactly what you mean about the kitchens! You know how small ours is too - 10 cupboards - and someone wanted £5000 to do it. We ended up planning it ourselves and getting everything [including an oven!] from IKEA for a quarter of that.

Speaking of bargains ... I'm so envious of your Sizzix haul - you'll need to remind me when their sale comes around again!

And I love you number collection - I'm sensing a mini-book coming from them all ...

I've added you to the board now:

Safe travels + I'll see you on Saturday! I'll try to fight for the best room for us! ;-)

Julie xx

Hazel A.. said...

Thanks for sharing the Poirot books list! I LOVE Agatha Christie and really like Poirot and have been wanting to read them all. I've read the first three and a couple others but out of order.
It was fun seeing your numbers for February. I look forward to visiting your blog in future.

Melissa Stebbins said...

Yummy, that afternoon tea looks scrumptious. Extremely jealous.

Not so good about your kitchen. Hopefully you can work out something that will be a bit more reasonable.