Saturday, February 1, 2014

January month in numbers...

Hello hello! A new year is upon us and a month of it has whizzed by already despite the days feeling like they have been dragging on forever with the dark mornings and miserable weather.

I suppose that I should really start this post with the number 5 as it has been 5 months since I last updated this blog. Shocking I know. I will try to do better.

1: The number of fake Christmases in January. Each year my uni friends and I try to have a fake Christmas which started way back in 2001 [*eeek 13 years ago]. Over the years the numbers have dwindled as there were only 2 of us this year as one friend is in Australia, another in Paraguay and another in New Zealand. It makes meeting up a little more difficult than it was when we lived together.

2: The number of tourist destinations visited on a college trip. Despite living in Carlisle for 13 years on and off I have never really done the 'tourist thing' but as part of a college project I took my students to visit the local Tuille House museum and art gallery as well as the Cathedral. It reminded me that I really should visit things that are on my doorstep more often.

50 cm: The length of my hair before I had it all chopped off. With no wedding to plan anymore I finally decided that the new year was the time to take a deep breath and chop off all those raggy ends. It was well received with the photo below receiving 10 comments and 20 likes on the book of faces.

3 1/2 hours: The time it took to chop and style the new do.

1 phonecall and 30 minutes later: After Arty came home covered in oil what does one do except phone the mother... 'Muuuuummm the cat is covered in engine oil! What to I do? Shall I try and put him in the shower?' Needless to say Mum did not think that showering the cat would be a wise plan so armed with a damp cloth and long sleeves I gave him a good rub down which ended up with him slightly resembling a hedgehog. I couldn't get it all off either but he seems fine and my arms are still intact.

6: The number of PhD's I have completed this month. No, I have not grown an extra large brain in the five months I have been absent from blog land. It stands for 'projects half done'. 2 belts altered, 2 dresses turned into skirts which have both been worn now rather than lingering in a pile in the craft room, 1 tapestry completed and 1 dress dyed from a sicky pink to a denim grey. I feel like I have got some of my crafty mojo back. Long may it continue. *crossing every bone in my body*.

So there we have it the first monthly round up of 2014 - lets hope I can sustain the momentum for the next 11 months. 
If you are new to the concept of numerical blogging then pop over here to the wonderful Julie's blog to learn more about the idea.

Until next month.


Effie said...

Hello... Welcome back to Blogland!

Miriam said...

Love your numbers, poor cat! your new hair is gorgeous, takes years off you. visiting from Julies MiN

Tinkertaylor said...

Great MINs love the new hair style. I am trying to follow your example with the PhDs and the blogging....seem to have lost my way.

Julie Kirk said...

Hello lovely - welcome back.

I've not been feeling very creative [hobby-wise] or bloggy either lately ... so am also relieved to have had what J's termed my 'creative spurt' in the last fortnight! Hoping it sticks around too ... if only to earn a few of my own Phds!

Hoping Arty's fur is fully de-oiled ... and you know my thoughts on your own new 'do' ... loving it.xx

You're on the board now:

Happy February + I'll see you soon!

Julie x

debs14 said...

Wow, that's a drastic haircut and it suits you SO much!
Great news about the de-oiling of the cat, but I have to ask - how did it get in such a mess?! Suddenly de-mudding the dog's paws doesn't seem so much of a chore in comparison.
Only just found your blog via Julie's but hope to visit again soon.