Sunday, September 1, 2013

August month in numbers...

Hello, hello and welcome to another numerical round up of the past month. Boo-hoo to August being gone. The weather has changed and I have gone back to work. I would very much like to know who stole my summer holidays!
While the month seems to have whizzed by I have managed to squeeze quite a lot into it.

3: The number of days I attended craft fairs selling my wares. 1 day was in Penrith where I received a £35 parking ticket and therefore cancelled out most of my extra pennies and 2 days in Keswick over the bank holiday where I didn't receive a parking ticket. Whoop! A much more successful day.
3: The number of lovely people I chatted to at the craft fairs who suggested I should have an Etsy shop. Now I do have an Etsy shop it's just that there is nothing in it! I have added it to my to do list.
1: The number of shop owners who made enquires about the possibility of me selling to them wholesale. I'm super excited about this one but haven't heard anything so far. I will keep you posted.
50+: The number of pieces of stock I made to sell at the aforementioned fairs. Safe to say I was stitching, gluing and planning in my sleep by the end.
6:00am: The answer to one of the communal counts on Julie's blog this month. I was up at 6am as I needed to be at the craft fair to set up at 8:30. It was a long day - lucky for me I had made enough pennies to treat myself to a takeaway for tea.
1: The number of designs I was working on whilst manning my stall. I am not going to give anything away yet other than to say I think she is going to be called Harriet. Any guesses what she may be?

6: The number of days I was at 'home' this month in which I went to York with the parentals and enjoyed cake and a visit to Bettys! There were also fish and chips [a staple of a visit home], a party, a meal out, a crop and 100+ miles driven with a cat who 'sang' all the way home.

64: The number of crosswords I have now completed on my crossword app.
5: The number of lily plants which came into flower this month. I was very excited about this event as I have never grown lilies before and these were planted as bulbs months ago. The colour is so vivid I absolutely love them. Even better the bulbs were half price at the time!

£61: The price to have a filling repaired at the dentist. I can't complain though as I do get NHS treatment. The cost is to have a white replacement instead of a standard one and it has been in there for longer than I can remember.

62A: The number of the bus I caught into town to attend a friends 30th birthday party. It cost me £1.45 which I thought was quite reasonable. 

1: The number of Daddy-Daughter days this month. Dad and I attended Chapel Show which is held on the last Saturday in August at St John's Chapel each year. This year was the 144th show which is fairly impressive going for a country show. We visited Gran and Grandad to lay some flowers and also Great Gran and Great Grandad, Uncle Robert and Auntie Doris. The picture shows Auntie Annie's house where my Gran used to come and play as a child. Dad tried to explain family history to me but I think its time these things were written down as it's all a bit confusing to say the least.

So that sums up my August. How was yours? If you would like to join in with the MinN meme then pop over here to Julie's blog and read the 'how to'. Alternatively if you would just like to see who else has been adding up their month then there is a board on Pinterest you can visit too.

See you all soon. [maybe in my Etsy shop ;-)]


Julie Kirk said...

Will the grand family tree be a new scrapbooking/memory-keeping project I wonder?

The craft fairs [minus the parking fine] sound great - wishing all wonderful and exciting ventures head your way from it. As for Harriet ... I'm thinking rabbit ... or chicken. Am I close?

I've added you to the board now lady:

Happy September ... see you *very* soon!

Julie xx

Jennie said...

Oh - thank you for the peak into your August - you must have been very busy creating for 3 craft fairs. And Harriet - - an owl? or a cat? Great collection of numbers , the family tree sounds like a must do to me! Good luck with your Etsy shop - I have one with nothing in it as well! J x