Saturday, August 3, 2013

July month in numbers...

Ok, Ok I know I'm late again. I would like to blame the fact that it is the summer holidays and I have been far too busy relaxing enjoying the sunshine but this is not the case. I have been squirreling away in my craft room making *stuff* for my first craft fair of the year.
Guess what? It was today, hence the spare time to now complete July's MIN post. So here we go what numerical statistics did July hold?

26: The highest temperature that I managed to record this month. I would like to say that it was consistently like this however we have just had 3 days of consecutive rain which was so torrential that is caused my drain to bubble and overflow leaving a lovely mess on my patio.

2: The number of sides of the garden fence painted. I was going to leave the reverse side unpainted but after completing the first side and being so satisfied with how smart and clean it looked I bit the bullet and painted the backside too. It took a while for my shoulder to recover!

15th: The date on which Arty McBiteyface was allowed his freedom. After having his bits removed and both sets of jabs he was allowed to go free. It was long awaited. For both of us. 

1: The number of hedgehog sightings. I love hedgehogs or *chuff chuffs* as they are know in our family lingo. I was attracted by the snuffling and shuffling of leaves when I noticed Arty sitting staring fixatedly at the bottom of the garden. On closer inspection there was a chuffer in the *wild bit*. Look closely under the arrow and you might be able to make him out!

4: The maximum loads of washing completed, hung out, dried and put away in one day. Thank goodness for sunshine.

69p: The price paid for my new 'Big Lens' app for the IPhone. It lets you apply lomo filters and alter the depth of field of your images something I've been wanting to do for a while.

3: The number of raspberries my raspberry bush yielded this month. Dad and I ate them with ice cream whilst they were visiting. 

4: The number of days spent with some of my best friends; two of whom live in Paraguay. We went for a walk in the sun, enjoyed a spa day, had a mega shopping trip, ate cream tea, enjoyed the summer sun in a beer garden, ate curry and watched the Wimbledon final. There is nothing better than good times with good friends.

40+ items: The amount of new *stuff* I made for today's craft fair. Suffice to say I can see and stitch animals in my sleep.

33: The number of episodes of ER that I have watched whilst on my crafty binge. My friend lent me the box set. Only another 11 series to go. I might get there by Christmas.

36: The number of crosswords completed. I have always been a fan of doing crosswords and recently downloaded a free app to play on my phone. It's stealing my life.

So quite a numerical month this month. If you are new to my blog and are wondering what all this number business is about then pop over to see Julie on Notes On Paper to see where it all originated and check out the Pinterest board where you can find lots of other MIN bloggers. It might even inspire you to join in.
In addition to the regular MIN feature Julie has also started a communal count *beware spelling errors!* each month. July's communal numbers included: 
How many individual items are you carrying around in your everyday bag this month?' 
My answer: 6ish. It does vary but these 6 are my key-don't-leave-home-without-them items.

'How many photos did you take this month?'
My answer: 64. 'How many printed?' 0. In addition all of these were taken with my phone. Poor camera how I have neglected you. That may be something I have to remedy this month.

If you want to join in with the communal count then pop over here to see what you should be counting this month.
Thanks for reading me. I'll see you soon. On time. Hopefully.


Julie Kirk said...

MinN posts are feline-heavy for July! So many kitties have been counted and photographed this time round!

And there's certainly a zero-photos-printed theme going on too.

I hope the craft fair was a huge success and that your raspberry bush continues to treat you!

I've added you to the board now:

Happy August xx

Julie :-)

Miriam said...

I love your list and the name of your cat! I was worried I would be the only one with zero photos printed! thanks for that. I hope the craft fair went well for you. I am posting my numbers on Monday, I fed your fish, not too much though :)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Visiting from Julie's pinterest board for MMIN. The photo of your cat really drew me in - how amazing to actually see a hedge hog in the wild (here in America, we aren't privy to such things!).
I loved ER when it was on TV here; the early series are all so wonderful!