Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June month in numbers...

Good evening blog readers, another month has whizzed by and for a second time I am late with my month in numbers so without further ado here are the numerical stats for this month...

1: The number of new laptops Mum and Dad bought me for a birthday pressie after my last one gave up the ghost. It operates on Windows 8. Let me tell you it's taken a bit of getting used to. Still not sure about all the funny app business and the strange start up screen. Thankfully you can disable all that fancy pants and have it operate 'old school'. It must be my age which is  forcing me to grumble about technology and with that seamless link I'll let you know that I turned 32 this month. I think. I'm pretty sure. Again old age is causing the brain to seize.

2: The number of visits Mum & Dad made this month. Once to see me, buy me laptops, dig in the garden and make me eat my lettuces and once to pick up their shiny new car. It's an automatic - new fandangled business again. I'll stick to manual thank you very much.

1: The number of new garden features my garden now has thanks to Mum's directing and mine and Dad's digging. A lovely new pond and lots of new plants. I love my garden and it is so nice to look out of the kitchen window to this view which will [hopefully] only get better as the plants establish themselves.

2: The number of crafty purchases made from TKMaxx for the grand total of £3.98. Bargain. I love that they have American Crafts bits and pieces in recently. And guess what... I haven't saved them for best I've used some of the paper and the stamp already.

 4: The number of new recipes tried this month when I had friends over for lunch. Yum yum. It was so satisfying to be able to go out and pick my own chives and then eat the leftovers with my own lettuces.

[Smoked haddock and gruyere cheese flan]

[Wild mushroom gallettes]

[Feta and chive scones]

4: The number of 'Crafty' magazines purchased from Woolfest. I had been looking at this magazine in the supermarket for a while but couldn't justify spending £4.99 on each copy. They were on offer at the show with 2 for £5 and one for £1 if you knew the discount code [which I sneakily overheard from another bargain hunter] and the most recent issue had 99p off. So all 4 copies for £10 and they are issues 1 to 4. It would be no good if they were odd copies but now I have the full set.

2: The number of lovely 12" vintage tape measures bought from a wonderful stall at Woolfest. I have no idea what I will do with them but they look lovely hung up next to my washi tapes.

3: The number of vintage knitting needles and sets of buttons purchased. I like vintage - the colours are beautiful. These again are probably not for use but just to look at and admire. There is also a piece of hand dyed wool for 92p in this image. You can never have enough hand dyed blanket for, you know, making *stuff*.

1: The number of new knitting experiments. It's a snood knitted with t-shirt yarn. I don't like it, it's turned out scratchy. Not one of my finer knitting moments. Surprise, surprise. 

 5: The number of alpacas seen at Woolfest. I just loved their haircuts! Especially the white one on the right. Hilarious.

10: The number of students who completed their year at college with me. All complete and all passed. Whoop! It's always a mixed feeling at this time of year but it's so great to see them all finish. I know one of them will keep crafting and you can check out her blog here to see what she is working on.

So that's the numerical round up for this month. If you would like to join in with MinN then pop over to Julie's blog to read more about it or check out Pinterest to see who else has been joining in and what they have been recording this month.
See you next month, on time I promise.


Miriam said...

Hello! Thank you for your lovely comment on my MiN post. I have had a lovely time looking at your MiN's posts since the beginning of the year. Love your word birds especially. I have some which I made for One Little Word in 2012. your Pringles tubs...something else I have... The thing is I love "stuff" I am always 'doing stuff" collecting "stuff", looking for places to keep "stuff" but then you seem to know all about that. Lovely to 'meet you' I'll follow you with Bloglovin then I'll catch your next MiN.

Alice said...

Thank you so much for the mention!! I'm loving all the vintage crafty finds! I feel a trip to TKmaxx brewing aswell... ;P

Julie Kirk said...

I bought that paper pad from TKMaxx too!

I loved this post - so full of lovely 'stuff' - the Woolfest finds [including the Alpapcas] are all amazing. And I too have been hovering around the Crafty mag - nice bargains!

That T-shirt yarn looks lovely - what a shame it's scratchy. Scratchy is the enemy.

I've added yours to the board now: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Happy July!

Julie xxx

p.s: The questions for the 1st 'Communal Count' are up on my blog today if you want to join in with that too!

Sheena said...

Wow x
What a busy month you had :)
It's a shame about the scratchy yarn as I love the chunky look of it.
Alpacas are just gorgeous aren't they, I went on a visit the Toft farm recently.