Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May month in numbers...

Hello fellow MinN friends. I know I am a little late with this months post. 

12 days to be precise. It's because my faithful  7 year old laptop appeared with this error at the end of the month:
STOP: c000021a {Fatal error}. Oh dear, it was the blue screen of death and yes that is the correct technical term. So off to the local laptop doctor it went and the news was not good. Terminal in fact. Thankfully I have a super Mum and Dad who bought me a shiny new one for my birthday but more about that in June's month in numbers!

So moving swiftly on from the traumatic experience of loosing a laptop [but not the data thank goodness!] what else have I been up to in the month of May?

6: The number of storage pots I made with 3 Pringles tubes to go in my newly organised craft room. They are covered with Studio Calico 6 x 6 papers which were purchased from one of my all time favourite stores; TK Maxx for the barginous price of £2.99. I didn't have a super Pringles pig out fest by the way; I had been saving them since Christmas!

6: The number of super fresh eggs a colleague from work gave me. The colours were so pretty it was a shame to eat them. But eat them I did. 2 lots of egg sandwiches and 1 egg and bacon quiche. Yum, yum.

1 & 1/2: The number of socks I have knitted. If you read my previous posts [or know me in real life] then you will understand the great accomplishment that this is. I've had to stop though as my sock tutor and I have been rather busy at work and I'm stuck with the second heel. It may be finished around July when term finishes. The ideal time to wear Alpaca socks.

1: The number of stray cats that appeared at work for around 5 days. He came into the studio and the office and had much love from my students. He was also treated to a tub of tuna from my work canteen! He stayed around all day and was still there the next morning sleeping outside under my office window. My fellow cat lover and colleague Frances and I visited the vets and got a temporary carrier for him and with him still being there when we returned we boxed him up and took him straight to the vets to get him checked out and scanned for a microchip to return him to his own family. Unfortunately he wasn't microchipped and he hadn't had his boy bits removed either. The vet guesstimated that he is around 3 to 5 years old and said that they would give him to the RSPCA or cats protection league as he had been hanging around at work for so long. Well I couldn't let that happen now could I? So after the visit to the vets we took him to my little house complete with chicky food, litter tray and litter and let him loose in the kitchen.  He's been here ever since. I went door to door the same night but nobody claimed him and I put posters in the local newsagents, shop and supermarket with my contact details but still no one has been in touch.I also rang the cats protection league and had him put on the 'lost cat' part of their website. That was 3 weeks ago. Looks like I might have a cat. A cat called Arty; found at the Art College.
3: The number of times Arty has been outside on his harness enjoying the sunshine that has graced us with its presence recently.

7: The number of boxes of tablets I recently collect from the pharmacy. Goodbye bad back. [I hope!]

I hope you have enjoyed this months numbers. If you are new to the concept then pop over to Julie's blog here and find out the origins of the post. Or if you are on Pinterest and enjoy perusing numerical statistics then check out Julie Month in Numbers board to see who else has been joining in this month.
Thanks for stopping by, I'm off to stop the cat biting my feet now.
Until next time.


Andrea said...

Awww Hannah he is a cutie :) Not sure Haggis approves though, he came to sniff at my laptop screen but wasn't impressed!

Effie said...

He's one handsome cat!.....

Tinkertaylor said...

He's a cutie, better get those socks finished quick if he's biting your feet!
LOL one of the verification words is shoes!!!

Julie Kirk said...

I like the extravagant sound of having a personal 'sock tutor'. I like the socks too - I can easily imagining wearing them in July - it's never too warm to want to be cosy! [Just promise me not to wear them with sandals!]

I hope Arty's behaving himself - he really should realise how lucky he is to have you. x

I've added you to the board now:

Happy rest-of-June to you - I think I probably owe you a long rambling email.

Take care. [p.s can't believe you haven't seen Poirot! Almost texted you before it started too!]

Julie xxx

Alice said...

Arty!! Yay!!! So glad you get to keep him :D

Those pringle pots are a brilliant idea! Might have to try that one out....

Nathalie said...

Ah! The loss of a computer was on my April numbers :P I love your Pringles containers and the way you hung them. Very pretty!

Jennie said...

Well - Arty is one very handsome moggy! And he's a very lucky boy too! Love the pringle pots - so pretty! J x