Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April month in numbers...

Another 30 days have gone by bringing us to the end of April, and hopefully all the showers it brings with it! The end of the month also signals the time for a Month in Numbers round up - the meme of Julie Kirk of 'Notes on Paper' fame. If you are unfamiliar with the numerical round up then pop over to Julie's dedicated MinN section on her blog here to find out more about the concept and maybe even join in.

25.6 miles: The distance travelled from Carlisle to Allonby to visit the beach and try out the local fish & chips. I have a problem with north west fish & chips; they just don't taste *right*. The Allonby ones are the nearest that I've tried that taste like the ones at home.
Whilst on this bank holiday day trip I also saw 3 countries. Sort of. 2 and a bit really. To the right is Scotland, in the foreground England and to the far left [out of shot] is Ireland. I think some super strong binoculars would be needed to really see Ireland but I'm counting it anyway.

2 and 3/4 hours: The length of time spent in the hairdressers for the new look above. I was long over due a colour with my roots being about 2 inches long. I kept the length though. Sorry Mum. [She doesn't like me with long hair!]

5 days, 8 buckets of weeds and 3 buckets of red clay: The number of days I managed to spend in the garden this month. Nothing major was achieved at first just a mass clearing of the weeds, leaves and general winter debris but slowly and surely a tidy garden appeared.

With this tidiness 6 rows of veggies, 6 new herbs & 1 pumpkin were able to be planted. Hopefully you will see more evidence of this planting as the months progress.

6 or 39: My shoe size for bowling at Center Parcs. They were a tad on the large side but a 5 was too small. They don't appear to make half sizes in bowling shoes!

28: Moorland View our address at Center Parcs this year. Our visit was also 15 days earlier than last year.

2: The number of knitting projects started and finished. 
Now those of you that know me will know about my haphazard relationship with knitting. I try, I try really hard to get on with it but somehow it has always been a craft which has never really *clicked*. I love the process of knitting but am completly useless at following a pattern. Until now. The headband on the left is something that I made up as I went along as was the main body of the second one. The flowers and leaves however were from a pattern! Ok, a simple pattern but it is progress. There are two flowers attached together on the cream band; one from the Knot Garden here and the other from Tiny Tidbits here. The leaves are from the Natural Suburbia here. Thank you blogland for making these instruction accessible and thank you to the blog writers for leaving instructions even I can understand. [sort of].

3: The number of super and relevant to the moment books found in a local charity shop. Personal favourite patterns include a 'Blouse coat for the not so small figure' and a 'Cardigan for an older woman'. Not sure which of these to attempt first!

Almost 15 exactly. The age of the bestest bagpuss in the world when she died. I don't really want to share much more than that at the moment but I've no doubt that there will be a baggers mini book at some point.

So that's my April month. How did yours go? Pop over to the dedicated Pinterest board to find more folks blogging numerically. Until next time.


Tinkertaylor said...

Well done on the knitting front can we expect these at the cottage?

Effie said...

A cardigan for the older woman perhaps! Lol!

Alice said...

I can't wait to watch your garden grow and that bow headband is gorgeous! Any chance I could buy one? :P

Julie Kirk said...

They're *very* specific types of clothing! You should make + wear one completely against your type just for badness!

The garden's looking super smart [ours is shameful compared to that]. And the headbands are lovely [I like how they're different to your hair ... when I see people in ones that blend in it makes their heads look a funny shape!]

I've pinned you safely to the board now: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Happy May to you!

Julie x

Suzy said...

Loving those headbands - I have trouble following anything but the easiest pattern but wondering if I should perhaps attempt cardigan for the older woman !!!!!

What a beautiful cat - so sorry shes no longer with you

Suzy x

Jennie said...

Oh I do love your headbands - and I like the long hair! So sorry to read about your puss - she is a beauty - loss is always hard. I am new to Month in Numbers this month and have enjoyed reading yours. J x

Tamara said...

I love your blog. I wish I could do that to my blog. Great numbers this month.

Melissa said...

Ok - a) your hair is super cute!
b) LOVE those headbands
c) I wish I could travel 26 miles and see another country!