Sunday, March 31, 2013

March month in numbers...

Another month has whizzed by and brought with it the time to round up my numerical statistics which seem to be hotch potch selection this month...

11: The number of photos needed to be taken in order to get a half decent       picture of Baggers. She is camera shy and definitely knows when you have the   camera pointed in her direction!

1: The number of days spent tidying up the garden. It was the first tidy up of the year and I worked through 3 snow flurries to get the veggie patch ready for planting. Stay tuned for some vegetable related numbers as the year progresses. [fingers crossed].

4: The table Hugh, I, Mum and Dad sat at to have breakfast stotties one morning. Coincidentally there were also 4 stotties ordered along with 2 coffees and 2 teas.

2: The number of wild mushroom and goats cheese roulades that arrived at a meal out in 'The Waiting Room' in Eaglescliffe a yummy vegetarian restaurant. A very, very filling meal indeed.

40: The number of buttons covered to re-button a headboard. Not such a tedious task as I first imagined.

5, 7, 1, 2 & 8: The numbers of the platforms I waited on when catching the train home to attend a Kate Crane art journalling class.

5: The number of pages created in the above mentioned class. The top two rows of the image below are the originals and the bottom two rows are digitally altered versions using the Wood Camera app I mentioned last month. All I need now is a project to use them for. Thinking caps on people...

So that's this month rounded up. If you would like to play along with the month in numbers concept then pop over to Julie's blog here to  get yourself au fait with the technicalities. [don't worry it's not that technical and there is lots of lovely other content too]. Or if you are on Pinterest you can follow the Pinterest board and see who else is blogging numerically.
*See* you next month if not before.


Julie Kirk said...

The garden's looking great - and it must be dedication to dig in the snow!

Maybe your arty pages could be part of a veg garden mini-book.

I've added you to the board now:

Happy April!

Julie :-)

p.s: I'm full of Sunday lunch but still ... being reminded of that meal is making me peckish!

Nathalie said...

I enjoyed catching up on your numbers this month (even if I'm a bit late to the party!) and I am looking forward to reading about your crops in the months ahead!

Sid said...

Fab recollections of the month Hannah !!