Thursday, February 28, 2013

February month in numbers...

Another 1 month gone in just 28 days so it must mean that it's time for another 'month in numbers' round up.
It's been a busy numerical month this time round.

8 pancakes made. 4 for me and 4 for Hugh. I went with the traditional syrup, lemon and sugar whereas Hugh experimented with crazy things like jam. Jam, on a pancake?! It's just not right.

2. The number of fires made at Hugh's house. [I said whose house?] Feel free to ignore the random Dogma reference or alternatively watch the clip here. Like I've just done. Repeatedly. 

4 rolls of wallpaper hung. My first attempt at wallpapering. I was supposed to only use 3 but as I said it was my first time so a small error occurred.

2.24m the length of tissue in my new funky tissue box at work. 

3. The number of cats seen on the York cat trail. There were 21 possible cats to spot. We only managed 3

372 the number of miles driven to visit York for 2 days for our 2nd anniversary. This is the lovely B&B we stayed at.

1 and a half hours waiting for lunch in a pub in York. I don't understand how it can take that long to put a few bits and pieces on a wooden board.

3. The number of 'ratty fascals' bought from Bettys in York. 1 for me 2 for Hugh.

19. The name of the restaurant we had a lovely meal in whilst on our mini break. 

12. The number of roses received for Valentines day plus 1 box of chocolates.

69p The amount paid for a new iPhone app called 'Wood Camera' which is what I used to edit all the photos in this post. A fairly decent app with more features than Instagram, however still no fish eye feature which is what I am coveting most at the moment. 

If you want to take part in the 'month in numbers' round up and have no idea what it's all about then pop over to the original numerical month recorder Julie who explains more. Or pop over to Pinterest to see how others are recording their numbers this month. There were 19 pins last month. Will you be one this month? 
Thanks for stopping by. See you in another 31 days if not before.


Julie Kirk said...

Nevermind 31 you will see me in 1 days! Hurrah!

I love the look of the B+B you must divulge the details. Andi've not heard of the cat trail ... at first I thought you were just randomly looking for cats. Which was worrying ...

We didn't do pancakes this year, then I remembered that, by coincidence we'd had fajitas .. which is almost the same thing!

Thanks for the statistically-fabulous link - you're on the board now:

I'll see you in March!


Anthea Lau said...

oh dear i miss some good, buttery and fluffy pancakes for beakfast too!
would you like to follow each other?

Kimberlee Gerstmann said...

Oh, I loved reading your month in numbers. Quite lovely. :) The lunch in a pub looked delightful (but I'd have wondered about the wait as well). Fun wallpaper too. :)