Thursday, January 31, 2013

January month in numbers...

Thirty one days gone in what seems like five minutes. A good start to a numerical themed post right? Christmas now seems like a distant memory and the new pjs have had more than one outing.
So, what other numbers have I encountered this month?

9st 6lb - My weight at the start of the month. Still need to stay away from the pies if I am to fit in my wedding dress.

-4. The coldest temperature recorded this month. Coincidentally we also had 4 days of snow. Not enough to build a snowman though. Not even a tiny one.

6 - The number of books read this month. Including one Christmas present; The latest in the Gyles Brandreth Oscar Wilde series. A great read if you like light hearted nonsense crime thrillers to read on cold winter nights.

3 - The number of participants at a new years eve party. 12:38am was the time I went to bed. And yes, I am wearing my dressing gown in this picture.

1+1 - The number of churches and reception venues booked for my wedding next year. This is the only sneak peak you are getting...
3 - The number of jobs my wonderful DIY Dad did at my fiances house to enable me to nest more comfortably.

6 - The number of people at a lovely meal my fiance took us to to thank Dad for the DIYing.

4 - The number of different cakes eaten at afternoon tea to celebrate a friends birthday. There were also 3 types of sandwich and 1 type of scone. Not going to help the pie loss.

2 - The number of new lampshades purchased and tried on. I will let you guess where they were positioned for the second photograph! 

3 - The number of stitching projects completed. 4 cushions, 4 sofa arm covers and 1 bathroom blind.

4 - The number of hydrotherapy sessions attended this month. I'm now going twice a week to try and stretch out my wonky leg and chicken arms. Forget 'sweating for the wedding' I'm 'stretching for the wedding'. It makes a huge difference to my flexibility and pain levels especially in these freezing months.

So that's the numbers for this month, I think I've done quite well to remember them all. Only eleven more months to go!
If you would like to join in and share your own month in numbers then pop over to Julie's blog and read the tutorial.

See you next month if not before!


Julie Kirk said...

Ooh lots of weddingy numbers! It's going to make a great countdown [or count-up!] to record your plans in numnbers.

Good to hear the hydrotherapy is working - sounds like a great start to the year.

[I'll have to count the 'number of days after Christmas' we exchange gifts and add it to my March numbers].

You're on the board - the first of the year!


Effie said...

Great start to MIN....

Sheena said...

Great set of numbers this month.
love all the wedding ones, how exciting to be planning & organising x

Tinkertaylor said...

I'm so looking forward to the countdown to the big day. I quite fancy being stretched to fit. I've always said if I was 6 inches taller I'd be the right weight! Love the blinds

Nathalie said...

Just stopped by to check your numbers and the lampshade photo just made me laugh... Loving the food photos too!