Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March month in numbers...

Another 31 days gone by and here I am rounding up my monthly numbers...

2: The number of nights that my parents stayed over this month on a visit. 2 is also the number of kitchens we went to look at and the number of rolls of wallpaper bought for said kitchen.

4: The number of nights spent in Barcelona;  my favourite city in the world. It was a college trip on which I took 6 [very well behavedstudents but bought 0 of the items I had set my heart on.

3 minus 1-= 2: The number of days spent 'crafting in the country' with 7 friends. It should have been 3 nights but the weekend clashed with my Barcelona trip and I had to miss the first night. 
It was the 1st time we had stayed in what is known as 'the new new cottage'. I think this one may be a keeper as the crafting space was more easily accessible but the sofas were extremely slippy so very difficult to get comfy on. I'm going to buy a beanbag to take on the next trip. [7 months time!]

3: The number of additional days worked this month for assessment and exhibition purposes. Ever since my timetable changed and I now have my day off on a Wednesday I seem to have had to go in for one thing or another. Safe to say I don't like being off midweek. Give me my free Fridays back!

£2.79: The price paid for some Oven Pride which gave me a super shiny oven which I couldn't stop looking at each time I walked into the kitchen!

4: The number of buckets of garden waste emptied into my green bin on the first proper garden clean up of the year. I think I managed to rescue some of the soil from those pesky weeds.

2: The number of cards made - 1 for dad's birthday and 1 for mothers day. The fabby illustrations are by Kirtsy Neale which I added colour and pattern to with my various digi kits.

5: The number of days until my best friend returns for her annual visit from Paraguay and we'll be having afternoon tea!

And finally here are the numbers that I have managed to collect on my travels this month...

See you the same time next month.


Julie Kirk said...

A bean bag for the barn sounds perfect. Also I've found saying 'barn' means I can forget how many 'new's I'm meant to say!

And while the sofas leave a lot to be desired I do like our room. Even though I stood up too far in my sloping ceiling and hit my head. Being so short I'm not used to that kind of thing!

Sorry to hear about the loss of free Fridays - I hope your timetable swaps back again at some point.

I cleaned my oven too. Which is unheard of! As it happened on the spur of the moment, I didn't use any proper cleaning 'stuff' - just washing up liquid and a magic sponge. Mainly because I didn't want to have to get changed and put protective gear on to stop it burning holes in my arms!

I added you to the board now: http://pinterest.com/notesonpaper/my-month-in-numbers/

Happy April lovely!

Julie x

debs14 said...

I love that idea of photographing numbers - very original!
I went to Barcelona a few years ago and loved it. I love how you have the city and the beach so close together and what a great atmosphere there is. Definitely a place I'd like to return to. My daughter's going there on a hen weekend next month. I suspect she will see a totally different side to it than we did!

Hazel A.. said...

Oh, the setting for your crafting getaway looks just beautiful! I would probably spend the entire weekend outside taking "nature" photos! Hehe! I cleaned my oven too - is there a trend here . . .?! See you in a month!

helena said...

looks a lovely month and love your number collection