Thursday, July 28, 2011

Back to blogging... with a beachy theme.

I say! Has it really been that long. Forgive my inescapable ability to blog with any kind of regularity and take comfort in the fact that I bring you not one but two beach based projects to continue the summer holiday feeling.
The first is a new garden fetish [*ahem* not the 'behind closed doors' kind of fetish]. The kind that is made up of numerous pieces of flotsam and jetsam acquired on one of the many beach combing trips where it is customary to find a piece of string and then thread as many items with holes onto the said piece of string. Or collect bits of stick. Whichever you fancy.
On a recent forage through my garden shed I discovered a bag of unused sticks and instead of continuing to sort the shed I had a Derek Jarman inspired moment [which come with alarming regularity when I'm in my plantless garden] and created my latest plant replacement sculpture.

As you can see - made with bits; including a dolls arm, an amp-meter, a shell and a bicycle light. This now accompanies fetish number one:

Again made with beachy flotsam and jetsam.
The second beachy project I wanted to share was a mini book commemorating my 30th birthday; which, was only in June so I may be lackadaisical with my blogging but at least my mini books are kind of up to date!

I used *best* with abandon in this project cutting 12"x12" willy nilly, sticking stickers and rubbing rub ons like you would not believe. I even used my favourite set of travel tags bought in the USA in about, *ahem* 2003.

The tabbed book is Kaiser craft and the papers and stickers Creative Imaginations.
Thanks for dropping by, I hope you enjoyed our little jaunt to the seaside even if it didn't involve an ice cream and I promise to try and not leave it so long next time.
Till then,


Effie said...

Lovely stuff.....those shadow pictures look grat!

Angelnorth said...

Love your flotsam and jetsam sculptures and your mini book is fab, those "self portraits in shadow" are great! (hee hee, my word verificaiton is "acqua" to go with the beach theme!)

Sid said...

Super work Hannah, like the second beachy piece the best !!