Sunday, April 24, 2011

I knew you were coming so I baked a cake...

As it has been a while since I blogged [again] I just thought I'd drop by and offer you some visual sustenance.
My boyfriend has been away for a whole two and a half weeks and is due home today so in preparation for his return I thought I would try my hand at some crafty cake decorating instead.

It becomes rather difficult working with icing when you have hands which are as hot as mine. I did end up in somewhat of a sticky red mess at certain points however I am rather pleased with the end result.
Of course I had to taste a few of the spares just to check they were ok - I am happy to report that they are tasty as well as pretty.
Now I hope boys like pretty cakes otherwise I'll just have to eat them all myself. Shame.

Till soon,


Effie said...

They look fantastic! they taste as good as they look?

Sid said...

Fabulous cakes Hannah !!

Ribbon Girl said...

Yummy looking cakes Hannah - I shall expect an appropriately phrased selection next time we are at the cottage :)
Andrea x

Brodders said...

You must be in love x