Thursday, March 31, 2011

My month in numbers 2011: March...

What on earth happened to March?! I am going to blame its disappearing'ness' on the fact that the clocks went forward and instead of loosing an hour I lost an entire month.
Without further ado here is my month in numbers, short as it may be...

0 = The amount of blog posts that I have achieved since my last month in numbers post. A big fat slapped wrist and detention for me.

6.5 = The number of weeks I have managed to remain in a grown up non-dysfunctional relationship.

2 = The number of times I have freaked out about being in said non-dysfunctional grown up relationship. I got over it though. Just.

4 = The number of successful printing colours I have mixed up in the screen printing workshop as I get the chance to do some practical stuff.

1 = The number of circular skirts I have cut out and printed during the last week. Let's hope it does not get resigned to the UFO pile.

3 = The number of nights spent in a super cottage with super people and super food doing super crafty things.

Many = The number of hours my beautiful new kitchen appliance is going to save me from doing the washing up.

£1.50 = The price paid for a rather fabulous and beautifully illustrated book about a dysfunctional cat. So fitting in many ways that cannot be described in words.

1 = The number of rather special sparkly jackets bought for a friends wedding next weekend. Glitter a go-go.

0 = The number of copies of 'Oh Comely' magazine left in Weft Studio after I went to purchase mine. What a disaster it would have been to miss out on the last copy!

3 and a bit = The number of consecutive days sunshine we have had recently, proving that spring is breaking through at last.

5 = The number of weeks I am behind on the UK Stampers weekly challenge. Since I've already received detention do I have to have the cane for this one?!

Not enough = The number of Costa Coffees had with John and Rachel since they returned from Honduras.

Over 58,000 = The number of people who had registered for Radio 1's Big Weekend before I got around to doing mine. Fingers crossed still. Postcode priority please win through!

So there we have it folks, a whole month gone by again. At least this month I did achieve a rather large number even if it was due to my lackadaisical approach very busy life.
Lets hope I achieve a rather larger amount of blog posts this month too.
Until soon [I promise],


Julie Kirk said...

Yay you made numbers with me!

I love your skirt - which must be finished and swished around in. Then you can make me one ...

p.s: all booked up and raring to go for June! x

Effie said...

Are those flowers in your garden?

Sid said...

Fantastic.....enjoy that dishwasher !!