Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My month in numbers 2011: February...

It appears that somebody has stolen yet another month. I know February is only 28 days long but March already? Really? Despite the apparent sneaky month thievery it would appear that quite a few events worthy of note have taken place this month...

[Graffiti quote on the outside of the wall protecting the Parc de la Ciutadella in Barcelona]

As this rather fabulous graffiti quote suggests the reduction in the number of days hasn't affected the amount of *stuff* I have achieved throughout the month of February:

5 = The number of nights I spent in the fabulous city of Barcelona.

[Wall sculpture on residential buildings outside the MACBA]

4 = The number of loads of washing I did in one day after returning from Barcelona; quite an achievement considering I don't have a tumble drier and live in Cumbria; possibly the wettest county in the UK.

2 = The number of rather special items of clothing purchased this month, keep your eyes peeled for more details soon. I'm saving them for a *best* post.

12 = The number of pink roses I received on St Valentines Day. [for the first time ever. Whoop! Happy face]. The roses are now drying, quite successfully, hanging from my staircase.

6 = The number of heart shaped bread rolls I baked on the eve of St Valentines day: Nigella Lawson has nothing on me. 

[Tasty home made granary bread rolls with homemade smoked salmon terrine]

900g = The amount of cream cheese this rather fabulous chocolate cheesecake has in it. This was my first attempt. I was rather pleased. I also felt rather sick after eating it. 

[Yes that is a bowl of extra thick double cream you can see in the corner. In for a penny in for a pound and no it is not topped with grated cheese that is white chocolate shavings!]

1 = The number of rather public Facebook profile information changes possibly prompted by the meal shown above?!:

[I never [ever] blog, scrapbook or in any way publicly talk about or record my relationships. I guess I wouldn't want to throw away or burn anything I had created should it become a painful reminder. That doesn't seem to apply this time. Go figure].

£1 = The price of the rather marvelous table cloth that you can see in the above photos: gotta love a bit of charity shopping.

Many = The number of cakes consumed at the afternoon tea party I attended this month.

[The Plough @ Wreay - yum yum]

97.6 = The number of miles travelled to see my dad on his birthday. 

2 = The number of bird boxed built with my Dad in some quality Daddy Daughter time. My blue tits shall now have a warm and cosy home [hopefully].

[One of the many uses for spare floorboards]

3 = The number of sleeps before the biannual crafting weekend in Draughton where much eating and crafting shall take place.

[The November 2010 Draughton Weekend, missing Jean :-(]

2 1/2 = The number of Ratty Fascals consumed in the same number of days when I visited home and Mum had been baking. Ah tasty goodness.

[Are you an eyes or a teeth person?]

I am still aiming to grab some higher numbers during March so if you have any suggestions how I can raise my game please feel free to let me know, although 900 is a fairly high number admittedly. Especially when it's referring to lard. 
Till soon,


Julie Kirk said...

Yay! Woo. And all those other good noises to celebrate good things. Cake and romance and new table cloths! Good times!

Let's see if we can hit some high rolling numbers in the cottage then ...

Effie said...

Got to love a fatty rascal!

Angelnorth said...

Great collection of numbers! Higher next month - maybe you could estimate the number of glitter particles that escape onto your desk next time you open a glitter pot? My guess is that must run into thousands if my experience is typical!

Andrea said...

:) Only 3 sleeps? Yee Ha!

Tinkertaylor said...

Love this post
1 because there's lots of pics of food
2. Gorgeous pink roses
3 3 sleeps to crafty heaven and more food
I could go on but I don't think I will be able to exceed the lard number