Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My month in numbers 2011: January...

I have been meaning to steal, copy, get inspired by and write my own interpretation of this wonderful idea for quite sometime.
It appeared, however, that January snuck up on me and ended rather more abruptly than I was anticipating.
Still better late than never...

My January 2011 in numbers:
1 year = The length of time I have been living in my own house as of the 8th of January 2011.

2 = The number of challenges that I am officially participating in this year.
The first being the UK Stampers art journal challenge run weekly by Efemera... 
and the second being the Emily Falconbridge 'Deck of you' challenge from 2007.

4 = The number of hours I spent as a student trying my hand at fashion illustration.

a million = OK a slight exaggeration but that's how many hours it feels like I've spent practicing my fashion illustration.

£2 = The amount of money I spent to end up with my hair like this:

97.6 = The number of miles my parents travelled to visit me so we could go out and eat tapas.

1 = The number of afternoon tea parties I have been to this month.

1 = The number of screen prints I have designed that I am relatively happy with.
3 = The minimum amount of cakes that can be consumed at any one time after spending a lazy Sunday morning baking.

1 = The number of Twitter accounts I have signed up to thanks to the wonderful Julie running a free  'Tips for the Twitter Curious' Class. Yes I did say free. 

Too many = The number of creative projects I still want to tackle in 2011.

51 = The number of minutes left before it is too late to make this post!
Quite a low numbers this month maybe February will bring some higher digits my way.

Till soon,


Julie Kirk said...

Yay! Much cake and loveliness and all things expected.

re. the hair - after reading the comment that it's genetic ... I hope your Mum has pink hair next time I see her!

Happy 1st house-a-versary! Ours was the 6th anniversay a day after yours ... why didn't *I*think to use that number?

Hugs. xx

Sandra said...

Well happy 1st anniversary in your home :)

I've been meaning to do the same, I keep reading Julie's lovely blog and thinking, this month I'll do that ... and I never do ... mind you I'm the same with twitter LOL.

Loving your numbers ... and oh I think more teas are called for this month

Scrappy~Sarah said...

A great compilation :) Congrats on the anniversary

Sid said...

Most engaging list Pinky !!!