Sunday, January 30, 2011

UK Stampers art journal challenge week 4...

Week 4 of the Art Journal challenge run by Efemera on UK Stampers was to journal about: Sweets.

1. List 5 sweets you remember from your childhood.(Did you call them sweets?.. candies? or something else?)
2. Where did you buy them and what did they cost?
3. Include some kind of sweetie wrappers on your page.

[UK Stampers Art Journal challenge: Week 4: Sweets].

My main sweet purchasing memory was buying a load of sugary junk for pennies from the school tuck shop during break times.
The tuck shop was located in the central block of our school in front of the gym - a bit of a strange juxtaposition when you think about it. I'm sure the ECM agenda would have something to say about promoting the sale of excess sugar to children rather than getting them to exercise.
I used to love the Swizzles double dip, refresher bars and fruit salads as well as the other tasty goodness I have written about and they all cost pence [literally!]. Happy times indeed. It certainly made post break maths lessons go by a little quicker.
The backing paper is the wrapper from a double dip distressed by sanding and then rubbing some Gesso over the top, the little man is by Starving Artist Stamps, the bracket is Sasafrass Lass and the journalling is done on a Dymo machine.
This weeks page was a bit of a struggle because, despite my inherent love of pink and orange, I couldn't quite get the colour balance and layout right. All my previous pages have been a muted palette and I think it was a bit of a shock to the system to return to using fuchsia pink. 
To get over this I dyed my hair the same colour but more about that soon.
Thanks for reading.


Sarah said...

lovely page, but more importantly, we want pics of the hair! :)

Effie said...

Lovely page...the pink hair is genetic!

cardesque said...

love this page - it looks quite sugary sweet and I like how you have done the Loveheart writing. We want to see the pink hair! pls


Angelnorth said...

Fun page! That little chap looks like he could use a bit of sugar to buck him up though!

Sid said...

Fantastic page Hannah ! Love the dymo tape journalling !

Tinkertaylor said...

Fabby page, brought back all those memories of how sore the roof of your mouth got after eating Kola cubes and never mind the exercising what about all those visits to the dentist!
Pink hair rocks