Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashion illustration...

Over the past two weeks, on a Friday morning, I have been joining in my students classes whilst they have been trying out fashion illustration techniques.
It has been a great chance for me to set aside some art time and get back [literally] to the drawing board.
The 'going back to school' feeling was a real joy [despite giving up my beloved Friday morning lie in], especially as last week I splashed out on a new folder to keep my work in and a selection of new pens; today I purchased a shiny new sketchbook. I had forgotten the surge of elation that comes with buying a lovely, clean, new sketchbook just yearning to be filled with creative goodness.
So after class I came home and did some homework and put it in my new sketchbook.
After completing the initial drawings I photographed them and imported them into Corel PhotoPaint to have a play about with different styles. The results are below for you to cast your fashionista eye over, feel free to critique me in the comments... [the students did this morning!]

[No. 1 Initial free hand sketch with collage].

[No. 1 Psychedelic technique]

[No. 1 Solarize technique]

[No.1 Edge detect technique]

[No.2 Initial free hand sketch]

[No.2 Greyscale convert with dodge and burn and additional image brushes]

[No.2 Psychedelic technique]

[No.2 Solarize technique]

The strangest thing is I have no desire whatsoever to design clothes, for me the joy is in the process of drawing, which to be honest I haven't really done since college.
Keep tuning in and maybe I'll have that shiny new sketchbook filled up before you know it and this won't be resigned to the UFO pile for 2011.
Till soon,


Deborah said...

Love all the different digital filters you've used on these. Especially the psychedelic polka dotted one. Cool!

cardesque said...

looks like you had loads of fun doing these - that solarized one is fab!

Effie said...

Wow... they're fantastic!

Sid said...

Fab stuff Hannah, how very arty of you !!