Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Emily Falconbridge challenge: weeks 1 & 2...

Some of you may remember waaaaayy back in 2007 Emily Falconbridge started a challenge based on a class she had taken called 'a deck of you' where each week a prompt would be posted to inspire people to create a mini journal page on a deck of cards. Well waaaaayy back in 2007 I decided that I would like to do this challenge, it was on a small scale, I had just kind of started with the whole art journal / scrapbooking / altered art thing and I found Ms. Falconbridge's blog very inspirational.
I even got as far a purchasing a rather lovely set of kraft coloured playing cards from Muji.
Then what happened... all of a sudden it was 2011 and the challenge had been resigned to the UFO cupboard, not literally, but the UFO cupboard in my mind, where tiny men wearing large stripy top hats turn cogs and wheels constantly churning out new ideas. Think Willy Wonka's chocolate factory for crafty ideas. There is an insight into my brain!
Now it is 2011 and I have made some resolutions that you may have read about concerning completing projects and using up my bit box, an ideal partnership for this weekly challenge.
So here we go, weeks one and two combined, I'm even up to date...

 [This is the box that I am going to keep all my playing cards in, it was a Maya Road blank box that I was saving for 'best'. This counts as best].

 [The 'Fabric of life' fabric tag came off some clothing and I was, again, saving this for 'best'].


 [Week 1: Something you are proud of... Front and reverse of the card]

 [Week 2: What is powerful to you?]
[The journalling was mounted onto the reverse of the tag that came with my new set of underwear].

[All the bits so far, stacked up together].

I'm keeping the font for the journalling the same throughout to give the deck a sense of cohesion. 
Join me each Wednesday to see the next installment, I've promised myself that Wednesday with be one of my challenge days.
Till soon enough,


Gez said...

Ooo.. sounds like you've got a good plan.
I made it to week 32 quiet! & was thinking about continuing but then thought how my style has changed & would probably start at the start again!
Good Luck..xx

Julie Kirk said...

Love this so much! Beautiful colours - and I love that font! [What is it?]

And yes, I agree, a collection of cards about you *does* count as best! How could it not?

Excited to see the next 50. x

Sarah said...

love the knickers!!!

I remember this challenge well, I got as far as buying a deck of cards too :)

your first two look fantastic.

I have just started an art journal, I might use some of Emily's prompts for my pages, thanks for the idea.

Effie said...

Looking good!.... why is the writing so small on your blog?

HannahBanana said...

@ Effie, it's not 'small' it's 'normal' in the post settings. Apart from the titles under the picture which are 'smallest'.

Tinkertaylor said...

I'm really impressed with your dedication to clearing those UFOs. I'm always over joyed when my underwear matches which is not often.

Sid said...

Loving your approach and an insight into your brain activity too !!