Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm [not] saving it for best...

Ok, so what is it with this obsession that me and many of my fellow crafters have about 'saving it for best'? We buy mountains of yummy crafty stash and then put it away somewhere never to see the light of day because it is too good to use.
Madness. [or verging on it anyway].
One of my resolutions for 2011 is to seriously limit the amount of crafty purchases I make and challenge myself to use what is in my bulging craft room. Ha, ok. Nice thought.

So what is the definition of best? I'm going to hazard a guess and say that it is different for all people but for me 'best' deserves to be out on display somewhere. If you want to see some 'best' on display then pop over to Efemera's blog here to see a serious display of *stuff*.
The resolution to use what I have links nicely to my second plan of action for 2011 which is to complete start the many UFO's that are lurking in my house, one of which was a photo clock which has been hanging on my living room wall waiting to be altered for quite sometime. *Ahem*, nearly a year to be precise.
The clock has four frames to put photographs [in my case arty bits] and four sections which are about an inch deep which I can put bits which have been collected or have been given to me and are classified as special or 'best'.

[The whole clock with mini artworks and bits and bobs stored]

This project also covers number 3 on my resolutions list which is to use up the bits in my ever expanding bit box. All the mini artworks have been made with scraps. If you want to see how this resolution is working out then check this post here.

Three resolutions wrapped up in one project, not bad I reckon, for the first week of January.
Let me know what your resolutions are and how you would classify 'best'. Even better if you use something 'best' this year I'd love to pop by and see it.
Till soon,


Darcy said...

nooooo save it for best, stroke it and coo over it then put it away!!!

Don't let your Mum thro out your bit box, sacrilage that was lol

Tinkertaylor said...

"Saving for best" yep I recognise that but couldn't say for definate what I class as best. Nice clock.

Effie said...

Your clock looks fabulous!

Sid said...

Wonderful it's finished !!