Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new [old] *stuff*...

Hello, hello and a happy new year to you! 
I do hope that you have brought a lump of coal with you on your visit as you are the first footer to my blog in 2011. As I type we are still waiting for the first first footer to call at our abode this year, I went out the garage door this morning, does that count?
Anyhoo; can anybody tell me why it is that somebody else's *stuff* is always more inspirational and interesting than your own?
If you are a reader of Efemera's blog you may have read this post about throwing out the old? Those of you who know me will no doubt be able to imagine my adverse reaction to the throwing away of *stuff* no matter how small. Imagine my abject horror when the  announcement was made that she was 'done' with the bits in the bit box and was throwing away the rest that had not been used in the construction of bitty *stuff*!
Oh no! Not possible; I riffled though the box with excitement and anticipation [somewhat like Christmas all over again] to see what I could create with someone else's *stuff*.
Lo and behold not one, but three projects out of bits previously destined for the rubbish bin.
Now I just need somewhere suitable to hang them as far away from any bin as physically possible.

[Dancing dolly on a driftwood stick. Found this afternoon when clearing out the car. The driftwood that is, not the dolly].

[Shrine to tea; After all what better a thing to make a shrine to?]

 [Effie was throwing out an owl?! What has the world come too? Now he is a musical owl covered in vintage glass glitter. Happy Owly].

The following is an album started [but by no means finished] at a recent get-together-pizza-eating-wine-drinking-crafting-day at TinkerTaylor's.


A few days later and the album is complete! I flatly refuse to start 2011 with any UFO's cluttering up my desk [or brain]. When I get back home I might tackle the bulging UFO box I have hibernating under my craft desk. Maybe. After all it's always more exciting to start something new.
With that thought, I leave you, but hopefully not for too long.


Julie Kirk said...

Loely new old stuff things! I agree that old stuff is often best [especially someone else's] but new projects are definitely better that UFOs!

I hope to get to inspect under your desk in person in the not too distant future. Oooooh ... that sounds wrong ...


Effie said...

Can't beat a 'bit box'!

Browntigger said...

O I'm soo with you! Whenever I remove some stuff from my own stuff holding (a room now looking like a walk in stuff closet) I always try to find someone who can embrace my old stuff as her new stuff! Whenever you're ready for new old stuff, let me know, I can send you a bit box you may drool over and it will give a some square inches of space!

Minxy said...

Fantastic bit box creations, and the present book is awesome too :D
Happy New Year, may 2011 be a crafty one for you :D

Tinkertaylor said...

Grand new stuff, love the shrine to tea. Maybe we could do a "swap box" challenge at the cottage?

Zoechaos said...

Saw your bit box pics on UK Stampers great way to find unseen treasures. All three are stunning but I suspect that your work usually is! love the use of driftwood and the outside the box creativity of these pieces. XOXO Zoe