Monday, September 13, 2010

a [random] tale of two halves...

There have been quite a few blog worthy events over the last week or so and I did contemplate doing something fancy such as scheduling different posts for each topic but then thought better of it.
So forgive the somewhat eclectic style however those of you who are regular readers will probably not be at all surprised.
The first event came last week on return to work. I know I rarely blog about work [this is meant to be a nice blog; not one filled with rantings and frustration] but this particular day at work was in a league of it's own.
I have upped my hours this year and one day a week I'll be teaching on the Foundation Diploma. Each year during induction week the Foundation team take the students away on an overnight trip into the Lakes.
This year they went to Derwent water where I was asked to accompany them for the day.
Packed lunch in hand and a sturdy waterproof and walking boots I set off for the lake. I had also taken with me [and got rather excited about] a copy of the project brief that the students would be working on but more about that in a later post when I've finished the project!
We set off around the lake in absolute glorious sunshine, picnicking and taking photos along the way. We walked for a few hours or so then decided to head back. Marion [one of the other staff and fellow lover of found industrial objects] had had a paddle earlier in the day but I declined due to not wanting wet feet for the rest of the afternoon. Just before we reached the end of the walk we stopped to rest on a beautiful grassy bank where I took it upon myself to find a suitable steadying stick, rolled up my trouser legs and away I went, with Colin the dog at my side.

The ground was a little precarious at times but with my stick I ventured as far as my trousers would let me.

And to look at that view you can see why...

You know, as much as I moan, sometimes I really do have the best job in the world.
I promise to upload the results of the project brief soon, lets just say I'm a few letters short of an alphabet at the moment.

To move on slightly with the rather tenuous link of sunshine I was out in my garden digging yesterday. I like to dig when the sun is out - I feel rather wholesome, especially when Gardeners question time is filtering out of the kitchen door to keep me company.

This is my veggie patch - or rather part of it. Guarded by my two 'watch flamingo's'. As you can see my radishes are now knee high to a flamingo and ripe for the picking. So were some of my tomatoes! I cannot express through the written word how seriously exciting this is!

So yesterday I enjoyed for the first time the fruits of my labour...

Three tomatoes and three rather hot, but very tasty radishes. Happy times.
Right I'm off to live the good life, till next time readers.
Au revoir!


Julie Kirk said...

I might have been inclined to keep walking into the lake to get away from Colin the dog ... but I do love the watch-flamingoes.

Found objects, alphabet projects and homegrown tomatoes? Nothing short of perfect. xx

Effie said...

Nice tomatoes!

Sid said...

Fab views and love your tommys, radishes can be !!