Sunday, September 5, 2010

shifting things slightly...

I am a regular reader of the inspirational and well designed Copy and Paste blog even if I not a regular 'do-er' of the projects.
In fact that's a complete lie; until today I've never been a do-er but Kirsty's most recent post inspired me to have a go (especially when I knew immediately where I could go to take the most appropriate photographs).
My friend has a fabulous apartment on the sixth floor of an old converted mill; the bottom of which I used to work in on and off last year and I knew that you could get amazing panoramic views of most of Carlisle's landmarks from there.
So last night whilst at her [rather regular] pudding party I marched along with my trust compact camera in hand as well as my summer fruit pudding and balanced precariously out of the window to take these shots:
[Carlisle Cathedral: top left, scrap yard: bottom centre, Carlisle train station: top right]
[Carlisle Castle: centre shot, very expensive apartments: foreground]
[Thomas Graham metal merchants: foreground, Uni halls of residence: top right]

The quality isn't great as dusk was descending but as these shots are just an experiment I didn't really mind.
A bit of Photoshop jiggery-pokery later and here in true Copy & Paste fashion  is the end result:

The last image is my favourite as the block of flats you can see in the top right are the university halls that I lived in during my first year in Carlisle, now I've made them look like miniatures I could carry around in my pocket. I'm also quite fond of the second image with the mini digger: I have a fear of large machinery but this size it's not unsettling my nerves to too great a degree.
If you would like to make your own tilt shift images visit this site; it really is super easy.
A big thanks to Kirsty for the inspiration - I promise to be more of a do-er than a reader in the future.
Now I'm off to scale other high buildings, Everest next!

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Julie Kirk said...

Thanks for playing with us lady! Tilt-shifting really is too much fun isn't it. It's to tempting to turn everywhere into a tiny doll's house world!

Watch out for an owl heading your way tomorrow [how *very* Harry Potter!!].