Monday, October 11, 2010

just because it's tea time...

I thought I'd share with you the results of Saturdays [accidental] mega bake-a-thon....
Please bear in mind this was my first ever attempt at making bread without the supervision of a mother...

 [Super mega-bake-a-thon]

I was so super pleased with the results that I had to phone Mummy dear and ask her to go onto Skype so I could show her the results! Unfortunately she was on her way out and asked to be shown the results via blog-land.

[Variety of breads]

So ta-da! Above we have a white loaf, sun dried tomato and parmesan buns and a sun dried tomato and parmesan twist.
I was on the phone to Dad mid white loaf baking when I rapidly had to put the phone down as the loaf had risen so much I was afraid it was about to stick to the roof of the oven!

[The super expanding white loaf]

But as you can see all was well with the tasty tasty loafy-ness [drool], it did not require scraping from the roof of my oven.

[Sun dried tomato breads]

 [Bacon and egg quiche & sausage rolls]

[Sausage rolls & maids of honor]

To accompany the fresh bread we also had a bacon and egg quiche, sausage rolls, maids of honor and a chocolate cake. As well as many other tasty delights which constitute what is known as a 'tea-tea' at home.
I felt quite homesick this weekend and baking was a comfort - however not having family to eat it all with was a bit of a bummer but at least I have cake to make me feel better!
Right I'm off to plough my way through the remainder. :)
See you soon [when I' about 12 stone heavier and shaped like a cake]


Sid said...

What are you like? That's enough for a family of six lol !!

Does look exceedingly good though Mrs Kipling !!

Effie said...

Wow... what a load of scrumptious goodies.......any left?.. maybe send a food parcel?

Angelnorth said...

Wow, that's a lot of baking - hope you found some willing volunteers to help scoff the lot before it goes stale! If you could just find a way to kaibosh my wheat intolerance I'd gladly help out, it looks lovely!

Tinkertaylor said...

It all looks delicious, I bet Mummy is proud of her baker daughter.

You should have let us know we would have gladly travelled over to have "tea tea".

Perhaps you could take over the baking at Skipton?

Gez said...

Oh WOW! FAB baking.. you have a gorgeous looking blog & your art is fantastic.. Happy crafting. Gez. xx

Craft Fairy said...

Gosh. I hope that you had plenty of people to eaat all of those fantstic cakes, bread and especially that yummy looking quiche.