Wednesday, July 28, 2010

tweet tweet...

Wow - it really has been a long time since I blogged [again]. Please do excuse my lackadaisical approach to the online world.
This time I bring to you a little 'tweetie' called Birdie. Birdie is my creation for Weft Studio's competition which closes this Saturday.

On entering you received a competition pack which included some Angelina fibres, merino tops, buttons, beads and fibres to name but a few. There were no restrictions to speak of and you could add as many other materials as you liked.
As soon as I looked at the pack I knew a 'Birdie' in a cage was the only solution [after all you can't go wrong with bird themed projects, right?]

The merino tops were used to make Birdie himself and he is adorned with an Angelina breast, the buttons were used for his eyes, giving him a slightly forlorn googly eye look! The fibres used to make his nest which I poked twigs into to add authenticity [obviously he would not have felt at home without some real twigs]. Finally I stitched the beads [which were egg shaped] onto the side of the nest and he was ready to be placed in his new home.

I embellished his cage with beads, buttons and a tag die I am obsessed with [keep your eyes peeled for some acrylic tag jewellery coming soon!] And a polite notice on a 7Gypsies metal tag, reminding the general public not to feed him - he is of a somewhat temperamental disposition.

So there we have it. A winning entry? Perhaps not but at least I have given life to a new Birdie, albeit one who never gets fed and whose eggs will never hatch.
Nothing like ending a post with optimism.
Till next time,


Julie Kirk said...

I loves him. His folorn eyes are making me sad though .... I'd feed him cake to cheer him up ... so there.

He's wonderful. As is the sound of an 'Angelina breast'. Racy!

;) x

Tinkertaylor said...

He looks really at home in his little cage. A definate winner.

Effie said...

He's fab! does he need a home?

Juliet A said...

He is absolutely adorable! I'm glad you remembered you had a blog so you could show him to us!

LME said...

Cute :)