Saturday, April 17, 2010

I found this today...

I was browsing the land of inspiration that is the world wide web and happened across this cute little book via Shimelle's blog.

It's about coffee, it's got cake in it, it's a mini book and it's free! - what more do you want from life?
All you need to do is sign up for an account on Two Peas in a bucket and you can download a plethora of lovely jubbly digi kits for free.
Digi is addictive, see even Julie, the Queen of real paper love [sorry Julie if that makes you sound slightly odd!] And I know Andrea is a super fan of all things digi, she has some amazing digi stamps for cards on her blog.
Do it: go digi, but don't forget to return to your faithful paper friends once in a while.


Julie Kirk said...

I accept my new title 'Queen of Real paper' graciously. Does that mean I now own all the paper in the land? If so - good. :)

Tinkertaylor said...

Have now got a printer that works so I might see what all this digi stuff is all about.

Effie said...

Looks fab.... off to buy digi stuff!