Friday, April 16, 2010

scary cats? no surely not...

At a recent crop with some of my favourite cropping friends I felt that creating a 12x12 layout was a bit much to take. In reality creating a 12x12 involved packing too much *stuff*; cards require much less *stuff* packing.

To make these cards I was determined to only use my scraps, of which I have many, to Andrea's horror; I think that my bit box brings her out in a cold sweat. :)
Some of these scraps of glee included a colour copy of original 'scraps', you know the kind, they are all joined together in a pretty little row.

Now I love these, I think they are quite cute but in a retro, kitsch kind of way (not a cutesy, sick in a bucket kind of way).

However the general crop consensus was 'scary cats' and a 'dog with evil eyes'.

Opinions please? Scary cats? Not scary cats?

I did make some other cards too - which might not frighten so many people...

You now it really is quite amazing what you can do with a bit box, next time I might raid someone elses.

After all others peoples bits are always far more exciting ;)

See you all soon!


Effie said...

Some people scare too easily!

Fab cards!

Tinkertaylor said...

Still scary but beautifully done.

I'm just thinking if you only brought "some" of your "stuff" for cards how much much would you have brought for the LO?!!!!

Next crop we could all bring our bits boxes and swap!

Angelnorth said...

I'm in the "alarming cats" camp, I'm afraid - the black one in particular looks like it's ready to have a good nip at something and it wouldn't care at all if it was your fingers! Love the style of the cards though!

Anonymous said...

He he! At least there's no clowns!

Sid said...

Look good to me Hannah !!

Anonymous said...

Aw they aren't as scary as clowns, or do you have something up your sleeve? Hehe. Lovely cards, very cute.

Danielle Velterelle said...

I love the cat and dog cards! They are the perfect combo of v.cute with slightly creepy, just like a lot of favourite vintage/kitsch images - I have a special place in my heart for disturbing children's book illustrations from years past so naturally I think they are FAB. Well done!

Danni xx