Monday, August 2, 2010

the animals came in two by two...

Two posts in nearly a week - I must have taken leave of my senses! Actually it is more to do with being back at the parentals and not having my time stolen by such evil deeds as washing up and cooking meals. Bliss!
I came back to the [lovely] north east last Thursday so that I would be in time to join in with a group sewing day on Friday attended by lots of other fabulous crafty people.
My aim was to create some hand printed animal brooches, specifically ones with Geoffrey's on. [For those of you who don't know Geoffrey's are tortoises, it's better not to ask why. Suffice to say that I thought Geoffrey was a good tortoise name and it has stuck ever since].
Along with the Geoffrey's, which I bought here, I also decided to make some Kitty's and some Hero Arts Owls.

I began by hand painting my background papers which I would use to add colour to the fabric and then stamped the images over the top. They were then stitched, stuffed and Stickled to create the lovelies that you see here.

To finish off the sewing day rather nicely we all piled round to Jan's for a truly British BBQ on the Friday evening. As the photo's show over here the night was filled with rather a lot of hilarity. Including a Joey and Chandler style 'draw' between me and Julie with Jan's reclining sofa. I laughed so hard my tummy hurt and my eyes kept watering; the kind of laughter that only comes when you are surrounded by people who find such episodes of life as ridiculously funny as you do. The lovely thing was when I saw Julie's post [it's contents I was unaware of when on my blog perusal] I laughed out loud rather hard all over again - oh it makes me smile inside just thinking about it.
As an added bonus whilst I have been home so far I have already made a rather wonderful charity shop purchase...
A super-duper floraley delightful bone china six piece tea set! Hurrah such things make me very happy. I'm going to make them [all, maybe] into candle holders like this one here.

The other delights that were uncovered were some lovely quirky Dutch tea plates [below].

I just loved the quaint folk art, fake stitched imagery, I've no idea what I'm going to 'do' with them but I'm sure they will be be very happy nestled amongst all the other *stuff* in my house.
I'm off to Devon in a couple of days for my official summer holiday of 2010. I will be staying in a house on Vicarage Hill and visiting Agatha Christie's house... I may need to have a lie down at the thought of all that excitement, throw in lots of cups of tea, jaunts around the countryside and the odd flea market/ charity shop and it will actually be heaven.

Hopefully the blog drought is over and I shall 'see' you all again soon with pictures of wonderment from Vicarage Hill.
Ciao for now.


Tinkertaylor said...

I've checked my sofa and it does recline that far back!
Fab brooches they look so cute now they have been prettied up with bling.
Have a nice holiday.

Sid said...

Fab time was had by all, and I love those little super non-furry animals you made. I laugh out loud when thinking of our evening ! Have a fab time in Devon......lucky you !

Galaxy Girl - my Stamp Galaxy Blog... said...

They are so fabbie, I am confused is the paper sewn on though?

That floral pattern would make a rather lovely stamp too.


HannahBanana said...

Thanks Kay,
The animals are made from fabric not paper so yes they are stitched. I used transfer dyes to colour some paper first and then heat transfered the coloured paper to fabric which was then stamped on and stitched into. Does that makes sense?! It sounds a lot more complicated than it really is! :)

Angelnorth said...

Fab little fabric brooches, love the colours and little details like the beaded rings round the owls' eyes! Great charity shop finds too - hope Devon provides some more for you!

LME said...

Love the owls :)