Friday, July 31, 2009

things that i'm lovin'...

My brilliant and always creative, partner in crime Julie gave me a lovely jubbly bag of bits to play with when she came over for sticking and cake on Wednesday and inside the bag of joy was this little sticker:

Now I don't think Julie knew about my secret addiction but I recently I have become *obsessed* with shopping. It's like a need - if I go out I have to buy something. Now quite frequently these are purchases which are not necessary to my life - bearing in mind that I am soon to be moving out of the parental home and living on beans on toast, the last thing that I need is a new pair of shoes, two more pairs of jeans, a 2009 pink diary refill and two pairs of knee high socks accompanied by varies 'other' sundries.
These shoes however were special, and I mean *special*.

Patent! Black patent leather! brogue style with a heel and platform... mmm yum yum! Shoes of special magnificence me thinks.

The jeans were just another addition to the ever expanding collection and the knee high socks are for a specific outfit I have in mind. :D The 2009, yes 2009 diary is for when I start my new job in August, after all my Filofax is pink too and the diary was only £1, therefore a necessary purchase surely?

Anyway I decided last night at 1am, after I finally ironed out the final kinks in this new blog of mine that I was going to post some 'things I am lovin' each day'. So here we go for today:

1. Eminem's new track: Beautiful Eminem is one of my guilty pleasures and this was promptly paid for and downloaded today after randomly seeing the video whilst having my morning cup of tea. I think it's going to be on repeat for a while.

2. The new Cat Face is out today. I love these guys, their cartoons passed many an hour whilst working a summer school many years ago.

3. Finally I'm loving parties! I'll be popping over to this weekend and your invited too. Hope I see you there.

Until later,
Muchos love,


Darcy said...

Shoes of gleeeeeee!

Julie said...

I hate to break it ot you but your shopping lust is not such a secret!!!

Are those shoes to go with the strict art teacher dress?

p.s: I *love* the little fish!!

Linda Elbourne said...

OMG I would kill for those shoes ... of course you had to have them ... so so I ... My address is *LOL*