Monday, April 30, 2012

April month in numbers...

Hello blogland,
I have missed you. In fact I have missed you so much that my first number this month is influenced by my recurrent inability to blog regularly.

0 - The number of posts [other than this one] written in April. Whoops.

1 - The number of new desserts experimented with this month. A vanilla panna cotta with raspberry sauce. So yummy I ate two at once. You can get the basic recipe here.

4 - The number of days spent at the Parentals over Easter holidays where Mummy made some yummy profiteroles which coincidentally looked like Easter chicks.

3 - The number of pairs of jeans which are now too small for me. Something to do with amount of puddings in my diet perhaps?

[April's word bird says: 'April Showers']

The number of 'Word Birds' completed this month [but not blogged!] You can find out more about Mr. Word Bird here.

3 - The number of nights spent at Center Parcs @ Whinfell Forest. This led to a plethora of numbers in itself...

9 - The number of completely digital layouts completed so far. This is the first totally digital album I have created and I can tell you it's rather addictive!

[Various kits used including Echo Park: note to self, various freebies from Two Peas and Daisy Trail]

100 - The number of points I scored during our field archery session. This was possibly the best activity we did. Running [ahem, walking] around a forest with a bow and arrows shooting at life size rubber animals. Most excellent.

1 - The number of wetsuits squeezed into. I may have to start wearing them continuously if I want to get back into the three pairs of jeans which are too small.

9 - The number of activities we did all together in 3 days.

A million - The number of hours sleep I needed to recover from the physical exertion.

4 - The number of Gothic Arches challenges completed in one evening. 
[Flown the nest, Bedazzled, Egg & Spring].

The next challenge is up now and if you want to play along you can read more about it over on the Gothic Arches blog. I'll be blogging my contribution soon. I promise.

9 - The number of days until my best friend and her husband return from a year working in South America. I cannot wait; I anticipate the number of coffee, wine and girly chats to increase tremendously next month. 

If you are interested in reading more peoples numerical statistics for this month then pop over to Julie's blog to see how her April added up and you can also find more inspiring images over on the 'Month in numbers' board on Pinterest.
Thanks for reading.
I hope I'll be back soon.


Julie Kirk said...

Wow, running around with bow + arrow [a]sounds dangerous and [b]puts that oft-promised brisk walk to shame! Maybe we should add that into our cottage weekend activities?

It's love;y to see you blogging even if it's the 1st and last of the month!

I've added you to the board now


Ruth said...

It's been lovely to read your list ... your comment about the wetsuit made me smile!

Effie said...

Fab post.....

heart.hearth.home. said...

An interesting set of numbers and glorious accompanying photos. I love the wet-suit page. With my failing eye-sight, I thought it read 'bust' friends!

Nathalie said...

I really enjoyed reading your numbers this month! It looks like you did a lot of fun activities and I love the projects you shared!!!

Sian said...

Wow, you've had a whole lot going on this month..and it makes for a very entertaining read

cardesque said...

gosh you have been busy. Fab bright arches!

Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Fabulous adventures this month!

jennifer said...

Great numbers, I love the digital pages, and the word-bird! x

Tamara said...

Great digital page. I digitally scrapbook too. I love your first number. Sometimes life just gets in the way from blogging. I have that feeling sometimes too.