Friday, February 10, 2012

I'm wearing yellow...

Good morning sunshine seeking people.
Some of you may remember my recent post related to Julie's Month of Sunrays series in which she is challenging all of us to bring a little sunshine to our dull February days.
The challenge was set... wear yellow. Not an easy task for me as the range of yellow clothing I own is seriously limited. However I managed it, combined with grey it looked surprisingly good.

The top is from Dorothy Perkins and has been rescued from the charity shop bag more than once, the ring was from Yumi, cardi; Primark, grey felt Trilby TKMaxx [a bargain at £2] and the scarf I made myself.

I would not discount wearing yellow again but it's never going to replace the top spot of pink or turquoise.
Why don't you introduce  a little sunshine into your life? All of Julie's posts in this series can be found here.

See you soon you sun worshippers. 


Julie Kirk said...

And not a chicken feather in sight!!

Love it! My outfit post tomorrow is about yellow + grey too.

I'll go and pin you now.


p.s: I love the scarf which you nonchalantly announce you *made*!

pps: word verification is 'fingses' which is soooo like somethign you'd say!

Effie said...

...... Didn't that get rescued from the bin bag?.....

Rachelxx said...

Great outfit!

Sid said...

Must show of my yellow shirt !