Monday, February 7, 2011

Emily Falconbridge challenge: week 5...

This weeks prompt:

[Week 5: Use some ephemera from your week]

As some of you may know [and those of you who have read the journalling on the reverse of the card will have no doubt picked up that] I have a slight addiction to TK Maxx.
It is a happy place for me to while away the hours perusing the whoopsed section. It's like a jumble sale but with easy parking and regular opening hours.
For those of you who are wondering what 'whoopsed' is - it's clearance stock, named 'whoopsed' as the clearance stuff in Asda is usually accompanied by a reduced sticker which is labelled 'whoops'. Whoopsed therefore is the plural of 'whoops'.
I'm glad we cleared that up.
So my ephemera was a tag from a recent jaunt to the land of whoopsed, where lo and behold they were having a mega super whoopsed clear out. It was very nearly all too much. I did have to have a small sit down on my return home to recover from the overload.
Stay tuned for another 'Deck of me' card coming your way super soon.


Effie said...

More stuff!........But it's Ok if it's whoopsed!

Sarah said...

I never seem to be able to get a bargain in TK Maxx - maybe I need to go in on Wednesdays?

Love the font you are using for your journalling on these

Julie Kirk said...

Ha! James must have been channelling you last night! Out of the blue he said 'Where's that TKMaxx that's upstairs in an old building, and it's all open?'.

And I said it was the one we went to when we stayed with you!

How funny! x

Anonymous said...

Love TK Max and love bargains. i like your blog very much too, me thinks i will be back
hugs June

Sandra said...

I wonder if anyone ever leaves TKMaxx without buying anything LOL. OOhh I'm loving what you've done here .. that font, is fab.

Angelnorth said...

Great font for the journalling and a fab card - well done on the bargains, too! (hee hee, my word verification is heist - think it's trying to say something about your shopping habits?!)