Tuesday, January 25, 2011

envy is a driving force...

There are many times at work when the phrases 'it's not fair' or 'I want to play' pop into my mind.
[un]fortunately for me I can still remember what it was like to be a student; teaching in the environment where I used to study is a constant reminder of the fantastic resources that my students have access to.
Currently my first year group are working on a printed textiles project, which, since discovering my love of stamping, collage and all things to do with pattern, has increased my student envy ten fold.
So I decided that it is now my turn to play too...
We are working on developing a repeat print in tomorrows session and I happened across this rather fabulous post from the Design Sponge blog back in 2008.
Using the technique as inspiration and some of my *best* stamps I set about creating some design work this afternoon.

[Stage 1: Design collaged from *best* bits and *best* stamps]

The first stage was to create a design in the centre of an A3 sheet using a monochrome colour palette. I used bits from the ever expanding bit box, my favourite Suzi Blu stamp, bits from Elsie Flannigan, Paper Artsy stamps, old calendar pages and any other ephemera that I had been saving for *best*.

[Stage 2: Cut and rotate vertically]

The second stage is to scan the image [or in my case photograph as I am scanner-less] and using Photoshop or similar cut and rotate the design vertically down the centre.

[Stage three: cut and rotate horizontally]

Then cut and rotate the design again horizontally, so the design sits around the edges of your A3 sheet.

[Complete, repeatable design]

Finally add your whole, original design to the centre and then there you have it, a unique screen print which will line up in repeat. [Hopefully, if you haven't got confused by all the cutting and rotating, easily done I can assure you!]

Tune in over the next few weeks when I will be putting the image onto screen and hopefully getting some sample prints done. *eek* excited face.
Happy times indeed.


Julie Kirk said...

That's genius! Almost as if you're clever and everything. ;-)

I am *so* going to do some multi-stamping inspired by this.

Sarah said...

that link is really inspirational - and I love your finished design - looking forward to seeing where you end up with this...

LME said...

Love it :)

Rachelxx said...

Fascinating project :-)

Effie said...

Looks interesting,... can you make me 2 metres please?