Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the plus side of [not-quite] perfect vision...

Hello peeps! Again, so soon.
It is my new years resolution to knock the blog drought of old on the head. And yes I am aware that it is not January but August.
For me August/September always brings about that new year feeling because it's back to school/college/uni/work time. Having been in education for so long [3 graduations later to be precise!] and hopefully some-more along the way too [sorry Mum]. I now work in the education sector so I am used to having two new years every year, which is good really for someone who needs plenty of opportunities to start over.
Today in honor of having a day off mid-week I went out and tret myself to some stationary including new pencils, plastic wallet and notebook! Hurrah, happy times.

Isn't that pattern awesome?! You can buy the notebook here at the bargain price of £1.97, the pencils were only 35p for a pack of 4 too so I didn't feel to bad about spending my pennies [again].

Anyway I digress I didn't come here to show off my delightful new stationary I came by to show you my delightful spectacles instead.
I am not an awfully big fan of face furniture [I normally stumble around half blind on a night out or special occasion] but when I saw these frames of beauty more than a year ago I knew that on the next opticians visit I would not be spending the usual 3 hours or so trying to find something I liked.

Tattoo design glasses! Oh the wonder and excitement. When I was younger I always wanted glasses that were a bit 'different' [insert your own thought here] and now it would appear that at last main stream stores have cottoned on to this fact and are providing them at a 'reasonable' price. For reasonable read 'only when the buy one get one free offer is on'.
So the second pair...

Black and white graffiti style! Bliss. I normally hate my profile picture taken but with these specs of beauty even I think I look rather good and a little bit pleased with myself in this last one! :)
So you see it's a good job I went to Specsavers.

Again soon,


Julie Kirk said...

Love them! Very you. Hair looks splendid too.

Happy new year!


p.s: Derek? ;-)

p.p.s: Word verification = 'change' ... oooh what could that mean ....

Effie said...

Nice glasses!