Saturday, August 21, 2010

lemon loveliness [and a storage fairytale]...

Two posts in one week... have you recovered yet or would you like me to help to get back onto your chair?
Anyway I'm not sure this post counts, it's more of a mini post to boast about more of my collected purchases during my recent break to Vicarage Hill. Kind of like coffee and petit fours would be at a dinner party: lovely but not a necessity to the whole.
Ta da!

[Home-baked lemony loveliness]. 

This is my new cupcake stand. I have had my eye on this one from Lakeland for quite sometime but as you can see the price is somewhat inhibitive. My purchase [hold on to your apron strings] £5.99. Full price and it is exactly the same!

The lemony Melaware jug in the centre is a new addition to my ever expanding [350 piece+] collection and it seemed only appropriate that some of the lovely Melaware lemonyness be shown alongside the lemony cupcakeness standing tall and proud on the new stand.
I didn't just pop by to make you want cake and cupcake stands though I also came by to show off my new craft storage purchase.
Now you may know that I am partial to a bargain [what was that I heard? You falling off your chair again in shock at this revelation?] but this purchase was quite phenomenal even by my standards.
Three days ago I popped into TX Maxx for a good poke about in the clearance section, as I am very very unlikely to buy anything unless it has been 'whoopsed'.
Low and behold but what do a find? Not only a clearance section but an 'Almost free' section. I kid you not, that is what the signage told me and therefore must be true. The stickers were yellow too not red as usual so one knew immediately that one had stumbled onto something special. After a poke through all the odd shoes, random pants and things with holes in I happened across a wire-storage-rack-type-device. Presumably for kitchen use to display small pieces of crockery and the like.
Now, the 'Almost free' price it was £3, a fair almost free price I thought to myself however it was rather cumbersome and I had other errands to run in town first, 'I'll pick it up on my way back to the car' I thought. Hmmm I forgot didn't I?! After other errands had been completed I returned home without a wire kitchen rack.
Buggar! There was no way that it was going to still be there next time I thought [despite my frequent visits]. Two days later I was in town again to visit the opticians and hairdressers and as it would simply be wrong to go into town and not visit TX Maxx I returned with a heavy heart knowing that 'my' beautiful wire rack would have almost certainly have been taken to a new home.
But no! I entered the store to find 'almost free' section had been moved and there, sat in the centre of the tables was the wire rack.
There was a problem however and as I write this I am reminded of a childhood fairytale where the prince needs to rescue the princess but is faced with a fiery dragon. So imagine... I am the prince [just go with me on this one, ok?], the wire rack is the princess and a stubborn lady shopper as determined as me to get a bargain is the dragon. I sidle up to her nonchalantly as if I am just browsing and then it happens, she lays her hand on the wire rack! 'Nooooooo' I cried and leapt in to rescue the rack from her bargain grabbing hands. She had her arms full and was unable to grasp the rack back, hastily I ran for the checkout clutching the rescued wire rack in my tight sweaty hand. The best bit? As I waited in the queue I checked the price tag, the magnificent wire rack had been 'whoopsed' to 70p!
Fate I thought, the prince had rescued the princess and they lived happily ever after.

So there we have it my new storage, perfect for 6x6's, Stickles, inkpads, sticky tape and attaching book rings to and hanging things off and most of all it has a story attached to it now.
That makes me happy.


Effie said...

All that lemony goodness looks fab!... any cake left?

Sid said...

Fab rack and I thinkyou may be more of a prince than I am.....go with me on this one !! LOL

The cakes also look fantastic and full of calories !!

HannahBanana said...

No cake left I'm afraid. I made a Victoria sponge and maids of honour too but they've all gone. It was a hungry cell group on Thursday!

Darcy said...

I have that cake stand but alas not the cakes.... Now I really want cakes. Well done fearless bargain hunting Prince of Gleedom.

Angelnorth said...

The nose for a bargain is definitely well honed - fab stuff! The lemony cakes look gorgeous too!