Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm back (and I bring cake)...

What a busy sixth months I have had... since my last post I have bought a house, moved into it, decorated my lounge, stairs and landing all with the help of my super useful Mum and Dad. (Thanks parentals!)
All of the above is a large contributing factor to my distinct lack of posting since *ahem* October last year... whoops!
Anyway enough of my excuses and back to the point. 'What is the point?' I hear you cry; well the point is cake - is there any better point?
As my house is now in a reasonable order and as it is the Easter holidays I have had 'some' time on my hands, and what does a girl with a wonderful oven and lots of cake-loving friends do? Why bake and have a tea party of course. :)

So on Bank Holiday Monday I took a trip to Asda and made it back with my sanity and limbs (just about) in tact to produce the tasty delights you see below... Now in doing this I feel I must point out the phone call that took place in Asda to the great recipe book that is Mum to enquire about the difference between Natural 'style' Greek yogurt and Natural Greek Yogurt?! After said conversation we both decided to abandon this ingredient altogether and go with creme fraiche - it's all yogurty creamy stuff right? I also had to be reminded that sausage rolls are made with puff and not shortcrust pastry... give me a break I'm only learning!

The super delicious cake above was somewhat of a departure for me; it is a rose syrup and strawberry sponge. This joyous delight is what sparked the yogurt or creme fraiche debate - the filling is double cream, cream fraiche (or Greek yogurt; you decide), rose syrup and icing sugar. It was a big hit with my cake loving friends.

All of the homemade tasty delights were made in my new oven, (forgive me while I do a little excited dance) Is it natural to love something made out of stainless steel this much?

The only issue I have with my oven of glee is that it is an electric fan oven... tricksy, but for a first bake-a-thon I don't think it did bad, oh apart from the uncooked quiche that was in for an hour!

To give you a little more insight into my new kitchen (said with so much excitement) here is my beautiful vintage cabinet given to me by my wonderful vintage loving friend and general fan of cool *stuff*; Julie.

This truly is a cabinet of glee, not only because it is a thing of beauty but because it holds so much *stuff* and to anyone who knows me, there is a lot of *stuff* in this house to hold.

Speaking of which I best go and sort some more of it out, maybe after I've had a little rest, a cup of tea and maybe a little bit of cake...


Effie said...

That cake looks fab!.. did it taste as good as it looks? You can send food parcels you know!

Julie Kirk said...

Oh the cupboard is looking so happy now!! So nice to see it in such a good home. Your party looks amazing although there was one thing missing ... me ... xxx

LME said...

I wish I was coming to your house :)

Judith said...

Welcome back.
Congrats on the new home and next time you bake don't forget the invites x

Tinkertaylor said...

Whens the next tea party and I'll make sure I'm free. I'll even bring my own greek yohurt/creme fraiche (you choose.)