Sunday, October 18, 2009

the more *stuff* you have to do the less time you have...

Why is it that the more that you have to do in life the less time you appear to have to do it?
I appear to have been faced with this paradox on a frequent basis since my last post a (metaphorical) million years ago. The dull things in life such as moving house, starting a new job, shopping for food and cooking the tea have stolen the precious moments that I used to have to sit down and write some rambling thoughts. On the plus side time has also been stolen by many house viewings, dinners with friends, many coffees and cakes, wine, pudding parties and dancing so I guess that you could say I am striking a healthy work life balance!
For those of you that have eagerly awaited an update on the decoration of the *my* new office you need wait no longer! Unfortunately it is not as decorative as I would like at first glance but look a little closer and you will find the subtle (or not) signs of my personality.

Look at the door - adorned with a pink mini white board so that the students can leave me a message if I'm not around (and being a 0.5 that is quite frequently!) Another member of staff commented that this was a risky manoeuvre but so far the only message I have had is a smiley face :D
My desk - the home of pretty stuff! My 1950's Melaware jug masquerades as a pen (and related paraphernalia) holder. My pink hole punch and matching stapler (I like to staple things, it makes me happy). My pink Scotch Tape holder shaped like a snail (every girl needs one in her life, with the exception of those with a fear of Gastropods') My illustration calender (which has once or twice given my the inspiration for a lesson plan!) and my mug of glee; usually filled to the brim with hot Ribena.

My clock made with Love, Elsie papers which I had *saved for best* and finally used. This clock used to be by my bedside until I could stand its incessantly loud tick keeping me awake no longer. It has now moved to work where being awake is somewhat of a bonus. The text under the clock movement reads 'time for a holiday' appropriate for a workplace environment me thinks!

My pink magnetic notice board which has no notices yet but a useful drawing guide free with the Guardian newspaper a few weeks ago, which i *drew* inspiration from for one of my second year lessons. Should I have admitted to buying that paper? I am never sure of the politics behind buying newspapers, especially when I only buy them for the shiny supplements. The notice board is kept company by an equally pink box of tissues. I constantly blow my nose, and yes I did buy the box purely because it was pink however it wasn't that much more expensive than a value box!

Finally we have a shelf of inspirational goodness. I have waited over 5 weeks for these shelves to be put up and it was like Christmas when they finally arrived! Things are organised in pretty floral patterned filing boxes and easily accessible.
So the office is looking good and looking good is the first step to feeling good. I actually like spending time in here and do actually get work done. Lets just hope that I don't drown under to many pretty things of suffocate with the smell of my 'clean cotton' air freshener that I have switched on constantly to mask the smell of the shower room that this office used to be.
I am away this week on a mini break with the parentals in lovely cottages at Tottergill Farm
where we were greeted with fresh flowers and homemade cake.
Starting a weekend with cake can only be a good thing so come back soon for some Cumbrian and family photographs. I promise I won't leave it so long next time.
Ciao Bella!


Julie said...

Enjoy your break. Your cupboard is looking very Hannah-esque. It's fine by me that you bought the Guardian. If it'd been the Mail ...I'd have been concerned.

Have lots of fun and confectionary. xx

Effie said...

It needs more stuff.......I'm sure you can find some more somewhere!

Tinkertaylor said...

Glad to see the pink is making an appearance

LME said...

Love your clock :)