Thursday, August 13, 2009

one mans trash...

ok so I haven't blogged for a while, after having lots of space to myself I seem to have created a grand total of 'nothing much'. My mojo seems to have been stolen, so if you happen to see it on your merry way around the world I would be grateful for its safe return. I did however have to make a layout for my Banana Frog Project of the Day which is posted on the 12th of each month. This month was a little bit different (and a little more than special!) the ever talented (and fellow DT members) Julie and Kirsty who host a place of pretty ideas on their challenge blog; Copy & Paste; invited me to partake in their Banana Frog themed swappy goodness. Julie and I had discussed, many a time, at our monthly crop, swapping some stamp sets to shake up our creative mojo and this month we actually did it. Julie came round to play one day and surprised me with a lovely bag of *hannah would love that* gubbins. In this bag of wonder was a simply marvelous flamingo cocktail stick. Now there is not much in this life that can get me more excited than a cocktail stick shaped like a flamingo, complete with a 3D tummy!!... trust me, when you see the layout coming up all will become clear.

So as the title for today's post implies:'one mans trash is another man's treasure' and treasure this was indeed. Oh, many hours of my life could have been lost to sorting this bag of delights but I had a job to do and creativity to be getting on with. I managed to *borrow* three of Julie's Banana Frog sets - which I might now love a little too much to give back *sorry Julie, they're mine now! moohaha* So I set to work. Now the problem was, having inherited the flamingo cocktail stick of beauty, it only seemed appropriate that I make the layout about flamingo's. Fine, not a problem. What was a problem was the amount of time it took to assemble all of my flamingo paraphernalia!
and here he is in all his cocktail stick glory!

The annoying thing is, I realised after completing my mingo still life and layout, I have missed some items off. Dagnam it! So, in order that all the mingo goodness is recorded for posterity, the following list is an addendum to the original layout (and should be sung to the tune of 'A Partridge in a Pear Tree') I own... mingo poncho, mingo pants x2, mingo wallet, mingo blouse x2, mingo chair, mingo footstool, mingo storage chest, stuffed mingo's x2, mingo artwork, 2 life size plastic mingos, mingo toothpicks, mingo brooch and a mingo hoodie.
Oh how I love to collect *stuff*! until next time,
Ciao Bella!

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