Thursday, July 30, 2009

*okay deep breath...*

I did it! I finally sorted out a place to put all my *stuff* - (see below for definition).
Now it's here I haven't the foggiest idea what to put on it. Do I add everything that I have made in the past few days all at once? Do I spread things out over a period of time so when I'm busy I can still fool people into thinking I make *stuff* all the time?
It is a minefield of questions, lurking and waiting to trip me up in my constant and insanity inducing quest for perfection.
Those of you who know me well enough will understand the rambling nature of my posts - those who don't? Well, you'll either pick it up along the way or be sending for the men in white coats.

*stuff* def. noun: things that have been made with ones hands. pretty things. things i want or need to own. snippets of information that falls out of my brain and needs a home. anything that I like.

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Ed said...

The Fishies don't get FAT no matter how much you feed them =(