Saturday, November 1, 2014

October month in numbers [+ a very belated September one!]...

Hello, hello,
As I don't write much on my blog, and as you can see I am 9 days late for my latest MinN post, it came as a bit of a shock to see that I had missed out September too. 
I was sure I had done it. I checked my laptop, iPad and iPhone to see if it appeared on any of them as obviously it must be a technology error not a human one. Only when I came to write it out again did it appear. In draft format. I had done it and even scheduled it but it never posted. Told you. Technology error. NOT a human one!

Anyway moving swiftly on [as swiftly as you can when you're 9 days late!]

3: The number of hours it took the floor fitters to fit my new kitchen floor and fix the back bedroom carpet while they were here. Yay for new kitchen floors. It is nearly complete now 4 months after it was started. I'm still waiting for my cabinet handles to come back into stock but that's the finishing touch.

1: The number of days a wore my new hat. It's not exactly new as Mum bought me it quite a while ago but this is the first time it had had an outing. I got lots of compliments so I shall probably be wearing it a lot more if we ever get any more cold days.

10 degrees: The average temperature for October in Carlisle. Hardly chilly yet, despite the dark nights rolling in. It was warm enough to trick or treat without a coat. Not that I did. I locked the door and turned the lights out! Even though I was a Halloween humbug I had 0 trick or treaters.

2 [or 3 if you want to be generous]: The number of knitting projects started. I started and completed 2 mittens in 2 nights with wool I bought on a recent crafting weekend away. I know mittens should count as 1 project but with my knitting past I'm claiming as many as I can in one go! The second project is from one of my vintage knitting books and it a 'close fitting hat'. It's nearly done, honest. Then I'll go back to that sock I started in 2000 and something...

9: The number of crafty people whom I spent a weekend with in the Yorkshire dales. After I arrived in one piece. The cottage is in the middle of nowhere with tiny lanes to drive down and in my new car I couldn't find how to keep full beam on so was driving whilst holding it on and hoping I wouldn't end up in a hedge [again] but after about 30 mins of this awful driving I made it in one piece and finally exhaled. 
The scenery at the 'new, new' cottage is beautiful, just right for a brisk walk. 'Go outside?!' No, we stayed in the whole weekend apart from the biannual trip to the craft shop where me and Julie stole Sid's seat in the car because 'we always go with Jan'. Can't be breaking tradition now can we?

2 and a bit months early: The first Christmas dinner of the year. I helped Jean to prepare the veg and in true OCD style I had to count out how many sprouts each of us could have. It turns out the if there are 9 people eating and they all want sprouts and you have 2 bags the majority can have 6 whilst special people can have 7. 

So that's it for Octobers MinN. If you would like to know more about this numerical round up then pop over to Julie's blog and read all about it. Or visit Julie's Pinterest boards where you can find all the participants.

Unitl next month [on time!]

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September month in numbers...

If you are regular reader of my blog then you will be familiar with my monthly numerical blog posts if not you should pop over to Julie's blog; the originator of the 'Month in numbers' meme to discover what it's all about.

September is a month I both love and loath; it symbolises the start of a new [school] year and brings with it the joy of new pencil cases and stationary and also the change of the seasons with crisp mornings and [some] bright sunshine. Its also brings with it the pressure of planning lessons, making packed lunches and this year moving into a new building.

So here we go with the numerical stats tied to September 2014:

0: The amount of brain space I have left. There has been so much going on this month that I can't fit anything else into my brain and I am extremely pleased that I have actually managed to keep up with [and schedule early] my MinN post!

20.41 secs: My fastest time to complete my new favourite puzzle. It's just like the plastic slot puzzles you used to be able to buy with your pocket money but much better as the pieces don't jam! Even better it was free from the app store.

6: The number of lovely new bright pink files I have bought to go back to school. I also spent too many hours to count making new labels for them all. [Rekindling my love of digi scrapping I might add]. I also purchased a new pink desk set [with a very disappointing hole punch], some highlighters, a year planner, some coloured stickers and some marvellous 'don't forget' post it notes. I really do love new stationary.

30: The number of Poirot books I have now read in the correct order. I also made another Agatha related purchase this month for £5. A 'who's who' of Agatha Christie characters. Apparently she included over 7000 characters in her stories but the book I bought only included 2000 them. Skimming through the first few pages I am slightly concerned by the number that I remember. I may apply for Mastermind with Agatha Christie as my specialist subject!

35: The number of the table that Dad and I sat at for our fish and chips at Hadleys in Whitby. I crave fish and chips when I'm away from home as they just don't taste right in the north west and on a recent flying 2 night visit home Dad and I had a day trip to Whitby. They tasted like heaven as it's been about 5 months since I had last had any.

2: The number of digi layouts I completed this month. After a crafting drought caused by the new term I managed to sit down with my laptop and my £5 folding table and do some digi scrapping of the above mentioned day trip.

£79.20: The amount I had to pay as a deposit for my new kitchen floor. It's coming! Soon! I'm excited! Can you tell?! Hopefully by the end of October the new kitchen will be finished. Apart from the handles on the cupboard doors as they are out of production until November. I need to start saving for a new bathroom next. Is it a bad sign when your bath actually goes rusty?

So that's the stats for September, hope you enjoyed a peek into my life this month and if you would like to see what all the other MinNers have been up to then pop over to Julie's dedicated board on Pinterest where you can find a record of everyone who has taken part.

Until next month.

Monday, September 1, 2014

August month in numbers...

Hello, hello. Another month has gone by and its time for another statistical round up. 
This month should be full of days out and ice creams eaten but as I look back over the month it seems to be a lot more 'job' related in one way or another.

10 = The number of days of August that Mum & Dad the 'wonder kitchen fitters' were still here working on my kitchen. That made a grand total of 13 days of kitchen chaos. During that time we had 3 different types of takeaway and I went to Aldi at least once a day!

£125 = The amount I had to pay the tiler for a job I wasn't happy with plus the cost of the tiles and the trim. The total is a number I'd rather forget. Lets just say the tiles lasted less than 24 hours before I ripped them off again. 

5 containing 25 = The number of boxes of tiles that I ripped off and put in the bin.

2 = The number of other tilers I've had round. The number I want to tile my kitchen? 0.

5 = The number of times I've ordered the cabinet door handles. Also the number of times each company has cancelled my order as they were out of stock. I've finally found them on ebay, paid again but I'm still awaiting delivery. *eeek*

7 [plus 1 extra] = The number of days that I have been back at work. Not eight in a row, eight over the past weeks. If anyone says to me that teachers are so lucky because they get so many holidays I might just punch them in the face. Yes I haven't worked 5 days a week for the whole of August but even going a day or two really breaks your week up and stops the holiday groove. Hurrah for the world of FE. But yes I am lucky just because I love my job.

Speaking of which;

2 = The number of days left until we get access to the new campus. I'm so excited. It looks lovely from the outside.

2 = Also the number of days until the students come back to enrol, luckily they are only in for a hour to complete the paperwork then I can get back to unpacking before new term officially starts on the 8th.

27 million = What feels like the number of samples I need to make for display in the new textile room.

5 =  The number of us that went for afternoon tea to celebrate a friends birthday.

3 = The number of crafty projects completed this month. 1 dress, 1 bag & 1 mini album. Not bad going really.


So that's my numerical round up for this month. A random selection to say the least. If you would like to join  in with MinN then pop over to Julie's blog to find out more details or view them all on her dedicated Pinterest board.
Until next month happy number hunting.

Friday, August 1, 2014

July month in numbers...

Well better late than never. 7 days late to be precise even if I did try and alter the publishing date for the sake of continuity!
July has been a somewhat hectic month mostly overtaken by holiday type activities [i.e. not doing very much at all] and installing [or trying to] a new kitchen.
As I sit and type this post with my laptop balanced precariously on a dinner tray on my knee whilst perched on a small stool in the lounge, my parents have now been here for 9 days trying to fit my new kitchen whilst sleeping on a sofa bed and eating potatoes out of a box. More of that in detail in Augusts MinN no doubt!

There seems to have been a recurrence of the same number throughout this month so in the style of Sesame Street "this months post is brought to you by the number 2..."

2 = The number of furniture items that I have renovated this month. Both pieces have included the use of patterned paper. *surprise surprise*. One was a set of plan chest drawers which were destined for the skip and now are being used as a TV stand after briefly moonlighting as a coffee table. The second is an old kitchen cabinet which I have had since I moved in 3 1/2 years ago but it has been living in the shed. This cabinet was meant to be for the lounge but I tried it in place and it didn't look right so it's now living in my craft room. I really need a house with elastic sides!

2 = The number of ice cream sundaes I have consumed this month. After we have recently had a bout of what is apparently known as 'summer' I have had an ice cream craving and so made a trip to a new ice cream parlour in town for this chocolate, nutty delight. It has Dime bars and peanut brittle in!! Amazing. The second sundae was consumed in the pub near work. After a particularly long day a friend and I decided that a visit to the pub was needed... not for wine for sundaes!

2 = The number of frogs that I have seen in my garden this month and I was quick enough to take a photo of one but added the helpful arrow just to make sure he could be spotted!

Unfortunately Arty caught one of the larger frogs later in the week which I was most unimpressed with. So a very limited amount of numbers this month and later than I had planned but I've made it to 6 months which is something I haven't managed to do on my last two attempts in MinN.

Thanks for reading me and if you want to know more about the Month in Numbers concept then head over to the originator of the series' blog Julie Kirk and read all about it. As well as lots of other *stuff* too.

Until next month. [ Or 24 days]

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June month in numbers...

Summer is here and I have spent quite a few days in the garden both enjoying the sun and digging out the weeds. The borders are looking lovely and the 5 tomato plants I put in last month are growing at a rate of knots.

With another month crossed off the calender it's time for a numerical round up courtesy of Julie's Month in Numbers meme so here we go.

2 = The number of 'chuff chuffs' [also known as Hedgehogs!] That I have seen this month whilst out late at night trying to get Arty to come home.

2 = The number of crafty treats I've had this month. One involve about 3 hours in a fabric shop in Preston and the other was about 4 hours at Woolfest. I'd rather not declare the amount of pennies spent between the two day trips!

1 = The number of dresses I have made this month with the help of one not very useful cat!

2 = The number of my students who won awards at the college end of year celebration event. It was a great night with some fab food and great company. I was so proud to see them up on stage collecting their awards.

1 = The number of birthday lunches I had this month for my 33rd birthday. A lovely day mooching in town and a nice lunch to break up the day before meeting friends for drinks in the evening.

1 = The number of bunches of flowers I received which lasted about 20 days! I love getting flowers and these really cheered up the kitchen windowsill.

That's it for this month - a bit short on the number front but I promise to try harder next time!
Until next month.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

May month in numbers...

We should be heading into Spring now according to the months that are whizzing by but as of yet we've had a limited number of sunny days.

There have been a few other numbers of note this month though to here we go...

1: The number of serious thunderstorms. The skies turned black one tea time and the rain came down followed by some serious thunder and lightening.

2: The number of Bank Holidays this month. Good for those who normally work Mondays. Not so good for those who don't and therefore don't get the benefit. Like me!

4: The number of puddings I tasted at a friends 'Pudding Party'. There were 7 puddings in total but I left early because of a headache. Maybe it was sugar induced?

1: The number of appointments I had with the nurse this month. Nothing startling in that I hear you cry. But it was number related - a blood pressure check and the numbers were normal. However the length of time it took me to get there was not. Normally it takes about 7 minutes to get to my doctors as it's very close however they have moved premises. I checked the map and thought I knew where I was going. Turned out I didn't and what should have been a 10 minute journey took me 25. I found it in the end and had set off earlier enough that I was only 5 minutes late and luckily the nurse was running late too. How my blood pressure was at a normal level after that I have no idea. I hate getting lost and being late.

£27.50:  The price paid for a *much needed* haircut.

2: The number of nights the parentals came to stay. It was a bit of a flying visit and we fitted in more kitchen browsing, a visit to a plant nursery and a secondhand furniture store. 2 was also the number of meals we sent back on the first night that we went out for tea. Yucky horrible steaks. Safe to say we won't be going back there again!

3: The number of pieces of furniture bought from the secondhand furniture store for the grand total of £30! Super bargain; including this fabby drop leaf table which matches my new kitchen wallpaper. It needs a bit of TLC but I love the colour of the Formica top.

£60: The amount spent on plants from the nursery to help fill out the borders in my garden including 6 tomato plants but there are only 5 left! Something has had a super munch on one of the varieties and left me with nothing more than a stump!

3: The number of days in March that I have suffered with my 1st cold of the year. Hopefully it's not going to continue for too many days into June!

And finally the best number of the month... Grade 1: The number I received after an external mock Ofsted inspection at work. I nearly cried when I got my feedback; it was so nice to have the work I do recognised and affirmed as being right. Maybe I'll stop doubting myself so much now. Maybe. Not likely.

If you would like to join in with the MinN meme then pop over to Julie's blog to see what it's all about from the original MinN girl herself. Or if you would just like a numerical summary of the lives of other followers then you can find a collection of the participant on Pinterest.

Until next month.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

April month in numbers...

Spring is on its way and April has had its fair share of showers but there have also been a host of other, none weather related things brightening up this month.

= The number of afternoon teas that I have been to. 1 in Yorkshire, 1 in Carlisle and 1 in Workington. My  friends and I are starting a scoring system for each and so far we have 13 places to mark out of 10.

4 [ish] = The number of hours it took me to bake and decorate this birthday cake that was taken to one of the afternoon teas.

4 [ish] = This was also the number of hours I spent in the hospital with my friend following the birthday afternoon tea when she had suspected TB. Everything turned out to be OK; the worst part of it was we didn't get to cut the cake!

5 rolls of duct tape, 4 pillows, 1 can of expandable foam and 1 helpful Mother = The numbers involved in making a customised dress form. It was rather good fun despite the disaster with the expandable foam and the reduced ability to breathe whilst being wrapped up in duct tape. It's nearly finished now I just need to add [and adjust] the guidelines on it and then I'll be stitching away. [Maybe!]

2 = The number of PhD's completed. My new bag made with *best* fabric from Barcelona and a dress which I had finished but needed tweaking.

5 = The number of hours I spent cleaning, polishing and hoovering the car. With 1 not so helpful cat. It's a nightmare to get white cat fluff off newly hoovered upholstery!

£147.72 = The amount I received in a bonus check for a PPI refund. I had sent the forms off about 6 months ago and came home from work one day this month to find this waiting for me on the doormat. Hurrah!

Just over £600 = The amount I managed to save in my current account this month. I am trying to managed my finances better and help grow the kitchen fund. It's on its way.

12 = The number of Poirot books I have now read in the recommended order. I might get to the end by Christmas.

4 = The number of dates I have been on this month. It feels strange to be back in the world of dating. I'm not entirely convinced by the whole thing as of yet. I may just stick to the plan of becoming a crazy cat lady.

Month in numbers is brought to you by the fabulous Julie Kirk and if you would like to know more about it and maybe even join in then you can find the details here and catch up with other MinN bloggers over on Pinterest.

Until next month.