Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bits of Barcelona...

I have been hankering after a K&co Smash book for a while. Strange that  slick advertising and idea of sticking bits in a notebook should appeal to me. Well maybe not so strange.

As Barcelona has become somewhat of an annual pilgrimage I have amassed  a major collection of tickets, gallery leaflets and general yummy paraphernalia as well as over 500 photographs which would have the most ardent 12"x12" scrapbooker running for the hills. Anyway the general vibe in Barcelona is a much more laid back, hotch potch kind of style which wouldn't suit a 'formal' 12"x12".

So a Smash book seemed the perfect solution, even if the tag line 'because done is better than perfect' disturbs me to me very perfectionist core.
However I didn't have a Smash book and don't have the pennies to buy one either. Solution? Use a fab note book bought in Barcelona on last years trip, but never been touched. 

This was a fab notebook because the pages inside aren't plain. [A perfectionists nightmare... Where to put that first possibly imperfect mark?! Aargh!!]
Each page has a quirky little doodle [quite a few about chickens. Maybe chickens are a source of inspiration in Spain?] on the page to take away the scary starkness of working onto a white page.
So tickets and *stuff* before me I set out to glue and stick...

Using chipboard letters to give the original notebook a title and attaching various tags to the spine.

Gallery leaflets etc attached with large paperclips so you can take them out to read.

Using the 'contact sheet' print option with Windows printer allows you to include millions of images without taking up too much space.

More important photos were printed with the 'wallet' option.

Doodle of chickens that were already inside the book!

I cut up the paper carrier bags I had collected and fixed them in to create extra pages.

Most of the bits of *stuff* were attached with paperclips, staples or washi tape so it gives the book a kind of art college, working sketchbook feel. Appropriate really as I went on the trip with college.
So there you have it; how to include a million different pieces of wonderful *stuff* in one book. There are still a few pages left for the next trip too...


Sarah said...

Exactly the kind of eclectic feel I always want to achieve with my travel journals, but never quite manage to. Love it.

Sid said...

Fantastic smash book !! Wonderful layers and content !

Effie said...

Better than the real thing!

Julie Kirk said...

Brilliant! ooks really tactile, especially the cover. Gorgeous work.

Tinkertaylor said...

A marvellous way to remember those fab trips to Barcelona