Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February's month in numbers...

Here we are already ending the second month of 2012 and it is time to round up those numbers once again.

1+1 = The number of 12"x12" albums and accompanying mini books I have created to house my month in numbers.

1 = External exhibitions I was involved in with my second year BTEC students. They did a great job of producing the work, curating the show and hanging the work themselves. You can read more about it here.

2 = The nights spent on a mini break in Chollerford and the number of Roman Forts we saw that weekend.

12 = The number of months Hugh and I have been officially dating, hence the mini break.

5 = Number of days that I will be spending in Barcelona this month. It seems to have become somewhat of an annual pilgrimage.

2.5 = Days off work in February half term which actually equals a whole week for me. Yay!

37 = Wii fit age no. 1.
42 = Wii fit age no.2
36 = Wii fit age no.3. I am slowly improving!

31 = The number of photos taken to capture one yellow outfit for Julie's 'month of sunrays' series.

3 = The number of nights the parentals spent with me during half term.

A dozen = The number of beautiful pink roses I received for Valentines day.

I am sure that I could have added a lot more numbers if I hadn't had to schedule this post as I am in Barcelona. Did I mention that already?


Julie Kirk said...

What? You're in Barcelona? Really, you never said [is this like Jean in Japan?]

Thanks for joining in again - am excited that it's got it's own albums!

I've pinned you: but you probably didn't feel it, because you're in Barcelona. So I believe ...

See you v.soon.


Effie said...

Happy month in numbers!.....having a good time in Barcelona?

heart.hearth.home. said...

Lucky you! Barcelona is one of my favourite European cities.
I love the bus stop picture and hope you were wearing purple that day to match the time-table frame.

Sid said...

What a lot of numbers this month !!

Nathalie said...

Great photos and fun numbers to go through! Enjoy Barcelona!