Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Using up my *stuff*...

Over on

there is a new monthly challenge.

This month the challenge was to "Use metal, material from old clothes, tissue and stamps to create a wall hanging. As it is January and it's a long time until payday you can't buy anything new - existing stash only."
This appealed to my thrifty nature and also the fact that my 'bit box' was in desperate need of an overhaul. So, throwing my self in [somewhat literally] I shuffled through my bits and came up with enough stash to create this...

I even had the hanging part pinned onto my notice board above my crafting desk. The flamingo is Basic Grey and was given to me by a friend many moons ago. The background is Red or Dead tissue paper I was saving for *best* and the heart and 'crafted' tag are the metal bits. The felt scallop at the bottom is the fabric and there is a bit of stitching thrown in for good measure.
The mini calendars came in my advent stockings last year which I suspect were left over from this project!
So now I have a funky calendar above my desk with a 'mingo on. What more could I want? If you know me well, then not a lot.


Julie Kirk said...

Ooh it's lovely.

I was playing with a 2.5 year old last week who was asked what he'd seen when he went to Flamingo Land. His answer? "Mingloes"!

Reminded me of you!


Angelnorth said...

Fab, a hanging with a purpose! Love the postage stamps and the fact you had sexy tisse paper as a starting point!

Effie said...

It is fab!

Sid said...

Fab hanging Anna, love th mingo !